Code Geass Genesic Re;CODE Reveals Additional Story Details And Gameplay

An official livestream for Code Geass Genesic Re;CODE was recently held in order to offer additional information about this mobile game in conjunction with the titular Code Geass franchise.


Despite numerous delays, the release date for Code Geass Genesic Re;CODE has been set for September 27, 2021, with the game initially being available only in Japan. It is also possible to pre-register for the event, which includes the typical gifts of premium currency and consumable items such as comic books and Blu-rays of the anime series, among other things. However, the disclaimer appears to clarify that the Blu-ray boxes will only be handed to a single person in their entirety, however the same does not appear to be true for the print works.


The game will bring together the different realms of the title, from anime series to light novels, and will also feature entirely new stories. Players take control of Al, a young child who has no recollection of his past and a Geass that permits him to travel through time and space.

A new promotional trailer has also been released recently, in which the story appears to revolve around the theme of "revenge" and is over a million words in length, with two "modes": one that appears to be the main story, delving deeper into the series' mysteries, and the other that appears to be more focused on the characters from the previous installments of the series. The game will also feature a number of different storylines, one of which has been confirmed to be the “Crimson of the Blood Pact” arc.

Among the new stories featured are "Arthur on the Misty Streets," "Toshizoh the Unswerving," and "ZEO of the End," which are all set to debut in the near future.


Two Battle Modes were shown in the trailer: one for the story mode, in which units would appear as chibi characters, and in which you can use your Geass to help you win the battle. The other mode will see you command both Knightmare Frames and characters, with the first being a more strategic mode and the second being a more tactical mode.

Check out the entire Code Geass Generic Re;CODE livestream video below to see all of the other aspects in action.

As the release date draws closer, a countdown campaign has begun, with new information and artwork being posted on the official Twitter account on a daily basis. Code Geass Genesic Re;CODE will go live in Japan on September 27th, with more than 500,000 pre-registered users eager to get their hands on the game's latest installment. There has been no indication on whether or not the game will be released worldwide.