Code Name: X Might Be A Persona 5 Mobile Game

Perfect World Games has announced that they are currently working on a mobile game only known as Code Name: X. It is for an unspecified JRPG property but it seems to be a part of the Persona series.


It was concluded to be part of Persona, specifically Persona 5, because of the character profiles, environmental aspects, and music. The game is currently being under development and right now, only the China release date is confirmed.

Though doubts have surfaced if Code Name: X is a Persona mobile game, Daniel "ZhugeEX" Ahmad clarified on his tweet that this is indeed based on Persona as per Perfect World Entertainment however Perfect World haven't posted on any of its official channels an official confirmation of this.


Currently there are two character profiles that were released. You can pre-register for the game on their official website here,, and keep up for updates of said upcoming game.


Code Name: X is still in its early development and was only confirmed for its launching in China so we have to wait for its next updates and hopefully it will have its global release.