Collect your Primogems from this Genshin Impact HoYo Quiz Event

HoYoLAB will host the first grand real-time quiz contest, HoYo Quiz, in July. The event will last from from the 24th of June to the 9th of July, 2022.


The event's questions will be related to the Genshin Impact video game and its content. Some of the questions will be about HoYoLAB. Players will then be able to enter the designated event page via the HoYoLAB App to participate in or watch the contest. If you answer the questions or interact with others online while spectating, you will have a chance to win a prize of Primogems.


Event Duration
June 24 – July 9 23:59 (UTC+8)

Results Announcement

Quiz Questions
What regional specialties are there in Genshin Impact?


How to Participate
1. Take a screenshot of any regional specialty in Genshin Impact.
2. Join the #HoYo Quiz topic and use it to post your screenshot, and your participation will be deemed successful.

Event Rewards
Mimo will randomly choose 5 users who have answered correctly to win one set of Genshin Impact Paimon Food Theme Capsule Toys each, and 30 users to win one set of Genshin Impact Chibi Plush Round Pillows each.




1. Users must follow HoYoLAB community rules when posting, otherwise they will not be eligible to win.
2. Each HoYoLAB account can win only one merchandise prize during the event.
In the meantime, the Genshin Impact X HoYo Quiz Southeast Asia regional competition "Quiz Show" is about to begin and is currently accepting applications! Players will be able to take part in the live recording. Register here to participate!