COLORFUL Launches AMD B550 Mid-Tier Motherboards Featuring PCI-Express 4.0 Support PC 


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Jul 7, 2020
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Colorful Technology Company Limited, professional manufacturer of graphics cards, motherboards, all-in-one gaming and multimedia solutions and high-performance storage, introduces its line-up of AMD B550 mid-tier motherboards for the featuring an impressive a 10-phase power design and support for PCI-Express 4.0 making it the first mid-tier motherboards to support the high-bandwidth PCIe Gen4.

The COLORFUL B550 Series motherboards are designed to support the 3rd generation Ryzen 3000 Series processors including the recently released Ryzen 3000XT Series* processors.

COLORFUL presents three B550 motherboard models for its line-up: the CVN B550M GAMING FROZEN V14, CVN B550M GAMING PRO V14, and BATTLE-AX B550M-HD PRO V14. Both the CVN B550M GAMING FROZEN V14 and CVN B550M GAMING PRO V14 are the top-end models sharing the same features with the FROZEN model sporting a white-colored PCB and metallic silver heatsink elements.

Both motherboards sport a 10-power phase design for superb power delivery along with dual turbo M.2 slots with high-bandwidth PCIe Gen4 support. Both B550 motherboards also feature eye-catching RGB lighting powered by iGame Dynamik Light.

The COLORFUL CVN B550M GAMING FROZEN V14, CVN B550M GAMING PRO V14 motherboards gets an MSRP of $126, $121, respectively.

Key Features

Realtek 8111H Gbit LAN
The COLORFUL B550 Series motherboards come equipped with Realtek 8111H Gigabit LAN.

CVN Gigabit LAN Protection
Protects network connection from interference and electromagnetic wave for enhanced stability.

iGame Dynamic Light
COLORFUL’s new and improved software to control addressable RGB lighting via the 5V ARGB headers and 12V RGB headers on the motherboard. Delivers customization and synchronization across all supported RGB components of the system.

Dual Turbo M.2 Slots
Boasting support for high-speed PCI-Express 4.0, the COLORFUL B550 motherboard’s dual turbo M.2 slots support PCIe Gen4 and Gen3 NVMe SSDs offering access to the fastest storage options available today.

Notes *may require BIOS update to support Ryzen XT Series CPUs