Com2uS Holdings Launches Collection RPG ‘Heir of Light: Eclipse.

Heir of Light: Eclipse, a mobile collection RPG featuring all-new fantasy stories along with fascinating characters, is officially out

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Com2uS Holdings announced on the 13th that its new RPG ‘Heir of Light: Eclipse’ is now available on Google Play and App Store worldwide.

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‘Heirs of Light: Eclipse’ is released in over 170 countries around the world, including the United States, Southeast Asia, and Europe, and supports a total of 10 languages, including English, Japanese, and Thai, so that global users can enjoy the game with ease and comfort. In this new game, a new story unfolds based on the fantasy world of the hit IP ‘Heirs of Light’. The game offers distinct fun with a unique plot that reinterprets the original storylines, collectible servants (characters) with appealing graphics, and multiple gameplay modes.

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The core fun aspect of the game is the tactical use for each content, which requires users to form their own deck with the best synergy by considering the skills of servants and deploy it to the battles. You can experience strategic fun and dynamic play through various contents, such as ‘Guild Dungeon’, where you defeat bosses with guild members, and ‘PvP Battle’, where you compete against other users.

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To celebrate this exciting release, a lot of events will be held for users to embark on the new journey. Just by logging into the game, you can receive various rewards such as ‘Gold’ and ‘Epic Servant’. In addition, through the ‘First Step of the Expedition’ and ‘7 Days of Purification’ events, you can perform various missions to obtain valuable items such as ‘Karats’ and ‘Summoning Stone Boxes’.

Heir of Light: Eclipse is developed by FUNFLOW and published by Com2uS Holdings.

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