Community Heroes PH Launched Wampiptee - Rush Tournament For Busy ML Players

Ever wanted to join a Mobile Legend Tournament but can't dedicate yourself for long-hours of gaming due to your work and other responsibilities?


The MLBB Community Heroe PH launches a tournament that will cater to busybodies who are secretly hardcore Mobile Legends players and really itching for some competitive matches with awesome prizes at stake. This is called Wampiptee - Rush Tournament which offers unique rules unlike your usual online tournament.

It consists of 2 event categories where anybody can join: a 5v5 Tournament Draft match and a Magic Chess. As its name implies, the matches will fast and will not take the usual +3 hours like ordinary tournament. The winning team will only have to play a game and the take a screenshot of the match results and send it to a FB group made by Community Heroes and tagged the game's handler. With that simple rules, each team members can win 150 diamonds that they will receive within 2 weeks.

Each team will be contacted by the Community Heroes regarding their schedule and their opponent. The match will be held starting from July 28 up to August 1. For 5v5 event, each match will begin and ends like your typical ranked game so there will be no pause even for teams to fix connection issues. Take note also that members of each team must come from the same city or province.

As for Magic Chess, it is strictly prohibited for players to have duplicated entries, showing of toxic or bad behaviors, usage of 3rd Party Apps, and fake information. This will automatically disqualify them in the tournament.

Disqualification is given to a team or player who didn't show up within the 20 minutes mark of the agreed schedule of the match.

Last day of registration will be on July 26. You can click these links for 5V5 and Magic Chess for you to directly fill out the forms to register for free.

For more information, you can check out the Community Heroes' official FB page for their updated Bulletin regarding their tournaments. Currently, they are also conducting the Season 1 of their ML Guild War that will begin on July 26. You must first create your own guild before you can join this massive and exciting event.