Company of Heroes arriving in Android and iOS later this year!

Company of Heroes is one of the real time strategy that really set the tone for the genre itself. Back in the old days, people would play the game that would create battlefields that would span across the map, capturing points, invading enemy bases and making sure that your team would win against the opposing side. It's definitely one of the classics out there. It's style of gameplay is very different from those other RTS back then and even until now it has a different feel that you really are playing a real time strategy where every move counts to decide your outcome in the battle. Good news for fellow fans of CoH, it's coming to mobile soon!

What is Company of Heroes?

Now, I know what you are saying, some of you know that the game has been in the iPad since February 13 by Feral Interactive. I get that, but still, having it on a smaller device and which is very portable and for those android users out there, here's your chance! Well, let's see on the other side and explain it to those uninitiated. Basically, Company of Heroes sets you in World War 2. The campaign mode lets you play the US Army's two companies basing on their specialties as their variety. Play as either the Able Company with their quick deployment of squads and defenses and keep the enemy from getting momentum with your heavy artillery or tanks, or maybe you prefer the Fox Company, cunning and quick, use para-troopers, recon planes and fighter-bombers to ensure that air superiority is the name of the game for the US military. Use those two companies to beat the German Wehrmacht, the backbone of the Third Reich back in World War 2.

But for those who are not interested in the campaign or prefer a free-flowing game, you can always go and play the Skirmish Mode of the game, featuring matchups up to 4v4 gameplay, fight as either the US Military or German Wehrmacht in making sure victory goes to your side. Both sides have their own specialties that dictate their gameplay and strategy. The US Military has their quick to deploy and cheap units that will easily overwhelm your enemies if you have proper tactics to do so but don't discount the German Wehrmacht which has extreme power levels but expensive to deploy. Pick your poison and lead them to glory in the battlefield.

What changed from the mobile

For mobile users, it would really be hard to adjust a point and click RTS, but Feral Interactive made sure that the game would still be easy to manuever in this new platform. They implemented an intuitive UI, touch control system with an option to use a command wheel. This command wheel works as you press a single unit, this unit will have various actions depending on what they do, so you select that option and guide that unit, watch as they do it slow mo so you can command others more quickly without worrying about losing efficiency in your timing.

There would be an option to select a group with the group selection method where you drag your pointer to a certain movement and select that group to either move or do an action. Nevertheless, the gameplay is still the beloved old school real time strategy game that we all know and love.

Other details

The game in iPad has the storage space usage of 5.2 GB, expect that more or less in the android and iOS version. For those worried about controls, Feral ensured us that there would be tutorials for you to learn the game and its controls in mobile. However, this game is a paid app, yep, sadly it is not a free-to-play game. But with the quality and polish the game has to offer, in addition to this wonderful news which is no microtransactions, expect the highest grade of mobile gaming in this one. If you have it on your iPad now, you do not need to buy it the second time as the iOS would definitely recognize it from your iPad. Finally, if you wish to battle it out in the online multiplayer scene, sadly it is not supported yet by the developers but there may be hope as the game might implement it once the other features have been implemented well.


While the game is paid, the amount of refined graphics, polished controls and the nostalgia it offers will surely bring in old faithful players of the game back to play it again. As someone who plays Company of Heroes 2, I can say that there is a lot of replay value for the game as it has multiple features that you may wish to try, will they carry it to the mobile version? Maybe, but it is something that the old timers would like to see so they can test it out in mobile. Will you play the game? Tell us in the comments below!