Company of Heroes for Mobile will be launching in September 10

Well, while everyone is not a fan of gacha games, there are some mobile games that can be played that are not a gacha game. With the ever-expanding capabilities of a smartphone, there are those who are starting to port their games from PC or Console to Mobile.

It is amazing to look at and I could not agree that this is a great step to expand the game library of mobile gamers. So, today we will come back to the topic that we made a long time ago regarding a certain game that has been announced to be released on mobile. Company of Heroes.

Old-time PC players know that this game has been relegated as a classic in the PC gaming community from an interesting take of the Real-Time Strategy games. For the uninitiated, Company of Heroes is a game that will set you to play as either the US Forces or the German Wehrmacht in skirmishes, these battles would have various goals such as capturing a certain point and demolishing your enemies and defeat them in the game.

Company of Heroes for Mobile.jpg

Tactics and strategies are employed here as some tanks are effective in certain situations and infantries can be versatile in their actions. Well of course, there are other things to know but I can link you to my previous post to gain more information regarding Company of Heroes.

So, when will it be released? It was announced earlier that the Company of Heroes will be released on September 10. Feral Interactive will be managing the game as they are the developers in the mobile market. According to them as well, you will need Android 9 or higher to play the game.

Finally, the game will be priced as $13.99 / £13.99 / €14.99 according to the Play Store page of the game. Remember that prices may vary in every region so it might be a different price for us here in the Philippines.

A different type of game for a different type of market. If RTS games are your favorite then we suggest you take a look at this game so you can have a different experience for your mobile phone. Tell us your comments below!