Complete Re-Installation of Garena App and LoL Client


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Dec 25, 2018
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Q: Why do we need to re-install?
A: If you're experiencing bug splats, crashes or other problems in regards to Garena or LoL Client, we resort to re-installation, because the problems may have caused due to bad sectors, broken files or corrupted data within your client. So by completely re-installing, it would fix the problem.

Q: What shouldn't be cleaned with CCleaner?
A: It's better to be safe, so it's suggested to leave the Registry in CCleaner all unchecked. Else, just remove the keys of Garena and/or LolClient in Registry Editor manually.

Q: Why is there need to do a complete re-installation aside from mere uninstallation?
A: Usually, players tend to uninstall programs at Control Panel only, but that does not completely remove the files/entries in the Windows Registry and/or Folders leaving "useless or unnecessary" data that only slows down the system and without any good use that complicates the freshly-installed client/files causing corruption, mismatch and the like. Thus, completely re-installing will delete all remains, if properly performed, at Windows Registry, AppData, ProgramData, Program Files, Windows and Temporary - folders we actually don't visit at all.

Q: Why not use Third-Party Software such as CCleaner?
A: Sometimes, the software also fail to completely uninstall the programs and, chances are, they might also cause more complication on your system like detective a relevant registry file which is a system file and not Garena+ or LoL Client registry/key.

Q: How can I see hidden folders?
A: To see hidden folders, configure it on Control Panel > Folder Options and tick "Show hidden files, folders and drives".

Q: Is there need to re-install Garena Plus even if I'm only having problems with LoL PH Client?
A: Not necessarily. If you're having problems with LoL PH Client only, then do the re-installation steps above with LoL PH Client and likewise. Otherwise, do both.

This thread will show ways on how to properly re-install and thoroughly remove remains of Garena and LoL Client without the use of third-party programs. [Important!] Take note to perform this on Administrator Mode and always have a backup of your Windows Registry. It's easy, just have patience.

Thread Contents:

  • Installing & Uninstalling the Clients - Garena Application 1.0 and League of Legends
  • Deleting Remains (i.e. folder, file, data and etc.) of the Clients
  • Removing Keys of the Clients in the Windows Registry
  • [Removed] Alpha Client [Added] Garena Application 2.0
  • Folders and Security Software
  • Other Requirements
  • Related FAQs
Make use of Search [Windows Key] and Run [Windows Key + R] to easily locate files, folders and services.


Uninstall Garena Plus and/or Garena - League of Legends
  • Windows 10: Settings > System > Apps & Features > Uninstall
  • Windows Vista, 7, 8: Control Panel > Programs and Features > Uninstall
  • Windows XP: Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs > Uninstall

Delete Remains of Garena and/or League of Legends Client
  • Using Run, open the following individually:

  1. %appdata%
  2. %homedrive% or %programfiles%
  3. %programdata%
  4. %systemroot%
  5. %temp%
AppData > Roaming: Is the location where Application Data are kept.
%homedrive% or %programfiles%
C: is the common home drive of a computer.
Look for folder affiliated with G+ and/or LoLClient at your Home Drive.
Disk > ProgramData: Is the location for G+, Garena Messenger and GarenaCIG's data
Windows Folder: You may use the Search feature and find G+/LoL Client files.
Probably, related files can be found at the Prefetch folder in the System Root.
Windows > Temp: Is the location where Temporary Files are kept.
On each of the locations above, find and select folders of Garena, GarenaPlus, LoLClient and other files/folders related to League of Legends that aren't deleted then hit Shift+Delete keys.

Remove Registries of Garena and/or League of Legends Client at Windows Registry
Find through the following individually:
For 64-Bit Windows Users
Please take grounds on Registry Editor only if you really do know what you're doing!
Otherwise, create a backup with the use of Export (.REG) in case something goes wrong.

There are tons of registry files/keys of G+ and LoLClient aside from the mentioned directories above. If you don't mind a thorough cleaning on your Windows Registry, then manually find and delete those files/keys with the help of CTRL + F (Find) and F3 (Find Next).

Restart your Computer
It is necessary to restart as changes from the aforementioned steps above may take effect after restarting especially when uninstalling a program, a restart will remove some folders/files only after restarting the system.


Download and Install Garena and League of Legends
Installing Garena Plus (v1.0)
  1. Run Garena+_Install.exe as Administrator and finish the installation.
  2. Verify your Garena+ Directory/Location (i.e. C:\Program Files\Garena)
  3. Update Garena+ if applicable (check for updates) and finish update.
Installing League of Legends
  1. Run LoLInstaller.exe as Administrator and finish the installation.
  2. Verify your League of Legends Client's Directory/Location (i.e. C:\Program Files\Garena\LOLPH)
  3. Update League of Legends if applicable and finish update.

Installing Garena (v2.0)
  1. Run Garena-v2.0.exe as Administrator and finish the installation.
  2. Verify your Garena+ Directory/Location (i.e. C:\Program Files\Garena)
  3. Update Garena+ if applicable (check for updates) and finish update.

Fresh Installation of Garena and League of Legends

Don't freak out if the clients have created multiple folders and files relative to each other, but do back-up and avoid modifying the files found especially at GarenaLoLPH/GameData and Garena+ (v1.0) or Garena/Garena (v2.0) - see image:

As shown from the image, always check you have at least Garena and GarenaLoLPH folders. Inside GarenaLoLPH folder should be GameData folder, im_installer.exe, install.txt, LoLPHLauncher.exe, LoLPHLauncher.xml, uninst.exe and inside GameData folder is Apps folder which is where your LoL Client is.

If you do not know what you are doing do not move directory/location when you are pre-installing the clients. Some cases where players are creating a folder after a folder will just lead to duplication and will result to Garena not able to detect the LoL Location giving the "Install League of Legends" even if it's already installed.
  • So avoid having such as D:\Games\LoLPH\GarenaLoLPH\GameData\Apps\LoLPH - it should be just GarenaLoLPH\GameData\Apps\LoLPH in order for Garena+ (note it's different with Garena 2.0) to be able to detect the client just merely create an Apps folder inside your Garena+ (1.0) and move there the LoLPH folder but not resulting to Garena+\Apps\GarenaLoLPH\GameData\Apps\LoLPH for instance.
Also, the following are the usually quarantined items - because some Security Software and Firewall falsely detects them as trojan, worm, virus or malicious file in which will cause Bug Splat, Garena Crash, LoL Black Screen and et cetera if detected/blocked/quarantined/vaulted by a Security Software or Firewall:
  1. lol.exe
  2. lolex.exe
  3. LolClient.exe
  4. League of Legends.exe
  5. riotlauncher.dll
  6. ggdllhost.exe
  7. GarenaMessenger.exe
  8. Garena.exe
  9. gxxsvc.exe
  10. gxxcef.exe
  11. LoLLauncher.exe
  12. LoLLauncher.xml
- Do refer and click on the links for guide on commonly used Security Software