Connecting The Dots On Seraphine's Wild Rift Ability Leaks and K/DA Comic Issue

Guild of Guardians
Seraphine, the mysterious virtual singer who created waves of hype in League's community with her twitter account, might be the hint on Wild Rift's progress. Recently, Riot released a comic issue that finally confirmed Seraphine's collaboration with K/DA and even met True Damage Yasuo. And a few days before the comic was released, dataminers found her name and speculated abilities inside Wild Rift files. What is going on?

Seraphine's LoL Wild Rift.jpg

You might already be thinking about how small the information is and where it actually came from. Well, you might be surprised as I am once I tell you that the news came from the best Youtube channel that showcases League skin - SkinSpotlights. Before we continue, take a look at the information first.

It clearly states Seraphine's name as a hero and her abilities suggest that she'll play the role of support. As you can see, there are only two abilities that were mined. But, I think there's already a good chance that Seraphine might be a Wild Rift exclusive.

Seraphine's Wild Rift.jpg

The skills are named Echo and Shields and have a unique mechanic called Note. From the looks of her two given skills, she seems to have a combined kit of Karma and Sona already. But, for whatever it is or what other skills she'll have, as a support main, I liked it.

The short answer is yes! For specific moments throughout the year, we are looking into ways to collaborate with other teams at Riot to celebrate big moments together. However, it's important to note that even if we do sync events with League PC, our content might be different so that we can offer unique and exciting ways for you to enjoy the event with a Wild Rift twist. --Riot Jennisaur, Events Lead

Or, if not, it might be the first cross-over or collaborative event between the PC and mobile versions of the game once Wild Rift is released. It's still confusing due to how the stable hype is coming from PC players rather than mobile players who are waiting for Wild Rift's release.

Seraphine's Wild Rift a.jpg

What do I personally think of it? Well, I have my own speculations based on the information I have right now.

I didn't write any news about Seraphine until now due to how mysterious she was and still is. But, the recent dots of information caught my interest. Worlds 2020 is just right around the corner and the comic suggests that Seraphine is excited to go to Shanghai, which is where the Worlds 2020 will be held.

Seraphine's Wild Rift b.png

And if it really is a cross-over event, it only suggests that Wild Rift might be released before or after the Worlds 2020. But, don't take it all seriously yet. Riot is great at leaving their "Easter Eggs" in easy areas in every game they create but they can keep the hype up by delaying confirmations.

For now, all we know is that Worlds 2020 will be be a grand one with Riot's recent partnerships and they're focused on the meta and music production. Who knows what Riot is still cooking right now. How about you? What do you think of Seraphine's latest news? Is this a great hint on what will happen soon on Worlds 2020? Tell us what you think below.