Conquest Cancelled and Backlash? Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis CBT Update, Among Us Tv Series, Project Loki, YouTube Playables and more

In our recent gaming podcast, Filipino gamers discuss if the Conquest Festival is Cancelled? Theorycraft games Project Loki, YouTube Playables, Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis CBT Update, Lost Ark Dead? Among Us Tv Series and Fate Strange Fake Whisper at Dawn anime details. Joining us we have a special guest Navi Xier!

Conquest Cancelled?
The issue on conquest has become more complicated, Is anyone familiar with Conquest? Let's start with what happened, as reported by several news outlets like Philstar and GMA. There was an overcrowding issue during the recent Conquet Festival 2023 event. To the point where a majority of the attendees can't even go in due to the long lines. The good thing as we mentioned previously is nothing major happened and that organizers are issuing refunds

Then In an out-of-touch statement, They posted on that statement the following: "To some degree, we still consider this year's CONQuest as a success. The overall public reception was eye-opening and the engagement was humbling." Btw this statement was signed by the Co-Founders, And it was trashed by netizens.

After the backlash from the post, of course, they deleted it and to avoid further implications and backlash. Both the cofounders posted on Facebook the following "No it wasn't a success," said Ariane Lim, to which Kevin Hoang followed up by saying, "This event was not a success. Period."

It was also announced that the conquest brand will no longer exist. Here is the statement "That said, we will be retiring the brand CONQuest Festival and reassessing our approach with how we produce events moving forward". If you break this down completely this doesn't mean conquest is gone. It just smells of a rebrand, maybe to disassociate with the fiasco? Or conspiracy something legal could be happening behind the scenes? In an anecdote, one Facebook user said they are done supporting the company regardless of the branding. Others also suggest since they are rebranding, they could call the new even “ConQeu”. But what do you guys think about this?

Lost Ark
There are a few things i want to talk about Lost Ark, First the majority of big influencers are saying the game is dead. The main source for this argument is the dwindling player base from an all-time peak of more than a million players the less than 100k players. If you check Steam chart its less than 60k for the last 30 days as of this writing, Don't get me wrong that's still a lot. Then recently there was an energy live stream by the developers, TLDR: its an apology video with lots for promises. Not gonna go deep on this, but what does the player base think about it? The next point seems like Amazon is blocking VPN users. In recent reports, majority are getting error 10010, and to fix this issue you need to turn of VPN. Hopefully that's not the case its just a server issue

Among Us TV
Do play among us? Well it seems like there is an animated series in the works. So this update was reported by Variety and it will be on CBS Studios. The animation studio will be Titmouse who made Big Mouth and Star Trek Lower Decks. Owen Dennis will serve as creator and executive producer known for Infinity Train.

Fate Strange Fake
And for another animated update this one is an anime, last week we talked about Fate Samurai Remnant, and this week a teaser for the Fate Strange Fake Whispoer at Dawn has been revealed. To add the hype Sawano Hiroyuki Fakeit is playing. One of my favorite composers who is known for the soundtrack of Attack on Titan, Guilty Crown, Gundam Unicorn, 7 Deadly Sins, and more. So what is Fate Strange Fake about, well basically another Holy Grail war but this time in the United States. But is an imitation of the original ritual so it's classified as faulty. On other note several characters are being shared with the teaser trailers. If you are familiar with rider master in Unlimited blade works he's there too. I'm not super familiar with this Fate Strange Fake since it was originally an April fools joke, I'm just more interested if this is where Shirou becomes Archer. But if you are interested in will start airing on July 2, available when this video comes out

Project Loki
In December 2020 former leaders at riot games, Bungie and Blizzard formed a new studio called Theorycraft Games. Fast forward to today, they have revealed a first look of their new game codename Project Loki. Seeing the gameplay trailer here is my description, It plays like a MOBA so top-down approach with the following team-based pvp game that blends hero shooter, action game, and battle royale. Based on the playtest its described as LoL meets Apex meets Smash Bros. So its a mix of everything especially if you think about it, these devs worked on Valorant, LoL, Apex Legends, and Overwatch. According to Theorycraft, their aim is to be the world’s next “10,000-hour game.”

Youtube Games
According to a report by WallStreet journal, YouTube is internally testing a product for playing online games. The company invited its employees to begin testing the new YouTube product called 'Playables'. According to the report games can be played on YouTube's site on web browsers or via devices running Google's Android and Apple's iOS mobile systems. Then a spokesperson on Youtube said its currently an experiment, weird coz didn't they just had a similar concept before called Stadia
Which is now dead?

Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis
This is an update for the Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis CBT, so first the preregistration is over it closed last June 28, correction from the last time we mentioned its the cbt schedule. There are so many pre-registrations over 400,000 apparently, due to this, the company posted on Twitter the following “Due to a large number of applications, participants will be selected through a lottery.” Then the results will be announced by Jul. 5 2023 PST (Tentative). So basically not sure when it's going to start. If you are interested Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis is coming to Android and Apple iOS devices. With the Android closed beta test coming soon?


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