CONQuest Festival 2023 will bring you your favorite global gaming and pop scene creators

AcadArena triumphantly returns to the SMX Convention Center for CONQuest Festival 2023, kicking off the month of June with a boom after last year's enormous extravaganza of contemporary pop culture. The event will take place a little earlier than anticipated, and fans can expect three days of unrestrained excitement that will extend beyond the SMX event floor.


This season, the CONQuest Festival is traveling from coast to coast, stopping at the NU MOA, MOA Atrium, and Conrad Hotel. With exciting, concurrent events taking place throughout the day for the entire three days, everyone will have their work cut out for them planning their pleasure.

To everyone's delight, a number of visitors have recently been confirmed. In addition to the eagerly anticipated anime and gaming showcases and competitive esports events, CONQuest Festival 2023 takes things to the next level by extending the party into the nighttime with a stellar lineup of musical acts to close off each night.


Day 1 – June 2
Despite the inevitable sensory overload that CONQuest will cause, you no longer need to walk about after the gates open. With roommates Valkyrae, Fuslie, and Yvonnie, the day begins at the SMX Creator Stage. You wouldn't want to miss the talk on Cookie for a Roomie. especially if you have been eagerly anticipating seeing Valkyrae for a long time.

As was already indicated, each day will be packed with activities. An Anne Yatco, Ratana, and Cory Yee panel workshop is taking place at the Conrad Hotel, as is a free meetup between Khoi Dao and Laura Stahl.

You may catch amazing cosplay showcases and discussion panels from Charess, Kitz Cua, and Kang Dupet back at the SMX Convention Center and MOA Atrium. It's best for Hoyoverse veterans to remember the Scamily Genshin Boss Rush.

You get the opportunity to personally meet Akidearest, Michael Reeves, Pokimane, and Joey The Anime Man later in the evening. James Landino and Hyper Potions provide a catchy musical performance to wrap up the proceedings.

Day 2 – June 3
We get a ton of esports action on day two, including two gripping showmatches. MPL Champions ECHO PH will take the field while a celebrity Valorant battle features Spicyuuu, Newt, Demenishki, KrisRey, Sykkuno, Een, Jaehyeong, Xavi, JoshSeki, and RazzieBinx. Naturally, after entertaining everyone with some exciting action, they'll be doing panel discussions.


Day 2's panel workshop will feature voice actors Sean Chiplock, Vanille Velasquez, and Adam McArthur, while Rurusama, Shoto, and Anthony Chenn will each have a free meet. Of course, it would be negligent of us to forget to include LilyPichu and IGumdrop, who will also be on hand to greet their admirers.

With Autotelic and Oh Flamingo, the evening has an extraordinarily talented roster of musical acts.just to name a few, James Reid, The Rose, and others. You'll undoubtedly feel full and unlikely to want to return home.

Day 3 – June 4
Day three throws out the major guns with panels from both Roomies and OfflineTV, which are sure to be exciting and full of hijinks. Le Josette, Ristelle, and Ashe's panel brings us more awesome cosplay, as the best voice actors from Days 1 and 2 get together for the ultimate workshop. There is no way you would want to miss this.


Keep in mind that this will be your last opportunity to meet Joey The Anime Man and Akidearest at their free meet. Additionally, even though there is no music on the final day, there is a lovely Q&A session with K-pop superstar The Rose.