CONTINENT OF THE NINTH SEAL’s New Continent ‘Hernad’ Arrives Today

C9's latest update brings new dungeons, a new town and various events along with the 7th continent.

WEBZEN, the global developer and publisher of PC and mobile games, announced today the release of its latest content update for the strategic action RPG CONTINENT OF THE NINTH SEAL (C9).

The latest content update introduces a new continent, Hernad which is the 7th continent of the game. Also in the update is a brand-new town, Ennor, which includes a new fishing zone while keeping all previous town utilities and is the gateway to future adventures.

The main highlight of the new continent Hernad, are the new dungeons Camp of Durahan, Forest of Blasted Spirits, and Faded Temple which are filled with Nefer’s Forces for players to defeat. For further details on these new features, interested players can head over to the C9 official site to read through the update’s patch notes.

Along with the new continent, brand-new armor and weapons are now available in the game. In addition, all participants who registered for the pre-registration event will receive the Hernad Material Package including Hernad Quartz x100, Hernad Essence x20, and Hernad Coin x10 for free.

To get ready for the new adventure in Hernad, players can open a Mystery Box to receive gears which will be available once between every 24~48 hours.

To celebrate the arrival of the update, the C9 team will be organizing an in-game support event for both beginners and returnees to receive the Weapon Enhancement Package which includes the Lucky Stone V3, Sacred Enhance Stone [Rank 3], and Sacred Enhance Stone [2 Plus]. This event will be running from today until February 11th, 2020 (UTC).

Update celebration continues along with multiple in-game events, including an up to 50% bonus EXP event, a new dungeon reward event, and a Lv. 85 reward event. Four event dungeons such as Archery, Fissure, Bang Turmoil, and Evil’s Hideout also await players in the game.

Furthermore, the Rune Embroidered Mystery Box and the Special Update Packages for Hernad are now available to purchase in the in-game shop.


CONTINENT OF THE NINTH SEAL (C9) takes players to the fantasy world of Glenheim, in which they fight against evil forces and gigantic monsters. Utilizing extremely powerful melee, ranged and magical skills, players will battle swarms of evil and demonic forces using FPS-style controls in a huge, dungeon-based 3D world. More information on C9 can be found on the website:

Seoul, Korea – 28th January 2020

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