Contra: Return debuts in South East Asia Mobile Game now available

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Garena debuts latest mobile game by Tencent and Konami from a 30 year old classic franchise

Garena, the digital entertainment platform under Sea Group, has announced the South East Asia Open Beta Testing (OBT) release for Contra: Return (Contra), the highly anticipated mobile game from the classic “Contra” franchise, co-developed by both Tencent’s Timi Studio and KONAMI.

The free-to-play SEA server is officially released to players from Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia and Thailand.

Contra: Return is different from previous Contra instalments in various aspects. Though the key iconic characters and gameplay remain true to the classical 3D side scroll experience, tech-fictional elements and modern game modes, as well as updated game graphics, offer a fresh game experience for new players.

Story Mode: Characters and map are similar to the first Contra game, enjoyed with the same side-scroll shooting gameplay

There are new gameplay mechanics, characters, weapons and pets introduced in Contra: Return. RPG elements are also added in the form of new stories as well as advanced upgrading features. The game patch will be constantly updated with new exciting features and levels.

Boss Challenge: Challenge old and new bosses within a time limit. One of the new levels available in Contra:Return

Daily challenge: Various mini games to test various skills, such as jumping

The most anticipated gameplay addition for Contra will be the Player VS Player (PvP) mode. Contra: Return has introduced a new multiplayer feature to enable players to challenge their friends online in a 1v1, 2v2, 3v3 as well as ranking setting.

PvP Mode: Players can use “Ultimate” abilities in the battle arena after gaining enough EXP from monster and bonus spawns

In PvP: Choose from over 20 playable characters, with each character possessing their own unique active, passive and ultimate abilities. Players can also collect EXP and other bonuses with monster and item spawns in the arena – allowing for different strategies and play styles in each battle.

Prepare for battle: Choose from a variety of heroes, weapons and upgrades

According to Fern Yeap on behalf of Contra’s Game Operations: “We are excited to bring back such a popular classic to Southeast Asia. We hope that Contra’s nostalgic franchise will be accessible to older gamers who would like to relive their childhood memories, as well as younger gamers who want to experience a new classic. We welcome all gamers to ‘Challenge a New Classic’ with Contra: Return.”

“As a game publisher, Garena has spearheaded various top-tier titles across Southeast Asia to great effect. As we welcome the latest addition to our growing list, we aim for Contra to be the best mobile experience for gamers in Phillipines.”

Contra: Return was first released in China by Tencent in 2017 and later in Taiwan earlier this month. The game has hit the No.1 rank under the “Free Game” category in both China and Taiwan’s iOS App Stores.

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