Contracts Are Back! Arknights Contingency Contract Season #10: Operation Ashring Goes Live

Strategic mobile RPG Arknights is introducing the 10th season of the Contingency Contract event, “Operation Ashring''. This new season brings a new outfit for Broca, a new piece of furniture, and four targeted operators headhunting.


About Operation Ashring

Contingency Contract #10: Operation Ashring will be running from February 3, 2023, 10:00 (UTC-7) to February 17, 2023, 03:59 (UTC-7). Doctors can collect “Contract Bounty” and “Operation Agreement” with no sanity cost during this event by clearing stages, completing challenges, and improving level evaluation. This season will bring a new Permanent Site, which is similar to the stages in EP 10 Shatterpoint. Doctors will face Manfred again and the challenges posed by The Londinium Secondary Defense Artillery. In addition, the enemy will be strengthened in different degrees according to the Contracts selected by Doctor. To better prepare for new challenges, all stages in Supplies and Chips will also be open throughout the event.

Event Rewards

Through participating in the event and accumulating “Contract Bounty”, Doctors can redeem multiple rewards including Broca’s new outfit, Rest Between Sets, and a new piece of furniture, Ashring Pennant. Besides the new arrivals, Unknown Journey, an outfit for Gitano will once again be available in “Secret Sanctuary”. Furthermore, Elite Materials, LMD, Furniture Parts, Battle Records, Chips, and other resources will be redeemable during this event.


New Joint Operation Banner

The tenth Joint Operation is featured in this update, giving Doctors a higher chance to obtain these specific 6-star operators: Bagpipe, Carnelian, Magallan, and Passenger. Simultaneously, some popular 5-star operators are included: Mr. Nothing, Shamare, Toddifons, Mulberry, La Pluma, and Skyfire. Seize the chance to get them!


About Yostar Games

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