Copyrighted but Usable: Facebook Gaming's Partnered Streamers can now use Copyrighted Music

Being a streamer is not exactly easy as you think it would be. Aside from the expensive equipment that you need to keep the stream stable, entertaining, and feasible. It might not be a requirement to have an expensive set-up but the beefier the equipment, the better the video quality and the performance of the stream. But enough about that, to keep entertaining the viewers, streamers should have a pleasing personality and background music that will keep them enjoying the live even on its low-points. And that's what we will be discussing today.

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Copyrighted music is hard to work with online, if you mess it up, you'll have DMCA claims following you that might lead to repercussions with various laws. This is why YouTubers and Game Streamers only do stuff like royalty-free music, generic music, or some random background music that is supported by their platforms. Well, as much as bland as it is, that's the thing that they can only do to avoid being in scrutiny. Until today for Facebook Gaming Streamers, there might be a way to circumvent that.

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For that, you need to be partnered with Facebook Gaming, once you do, you're set! According to a spokesperson of Facebook Gaming, the music must only be a background element of the video, not the main one. Meaning, that the voice of the streamer or the content creator must be the foreground and the one being heard more in the video.

While some music is still not allowed, the selection is now huge for various streamers to try to and see if it fits them. The program will roll out for all of the streamers in the near future so maybe the selection of tracks will grow as well. While you can try and play the music, it will still say otherwise that the track you are playing is not covered by Facebook Gaming, so there's the warning you need to be careful of.

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This is a big win for Facebook Gaming, the quality of the streams by their partnered streamers will now be better as they can have nice background music that can entertain the viewers in combination with their content that they are doing. We can expect that this is only the beginning for Facebook to improve their streaming service but the future does look bright!