Countdown to Impact: Genshin Impact Lands on September 28!

As someone who has been playing Honkai Impact 3, a game made by miHoYo which also would be the creator of the game we are going to discuss today, I have grown to love them as a game developer in the mobile industry as they have made a great game in HI3.

The sheer gameplay, music, story and everything that they have put in the game make me want to support them more. Which in turn, makes me excited about today's topic, that's right. Genshin Impact!

The wait is almost over, while others have waited for months, years or some might have discovered it weeks ago, but Genshin Impact is coming soon. With an update that we did last July 28, it was stated in their blog that they will release the game before October for PC, Android, and iOS. They have posted in a new update in their blog today that stated the exact release date for the game.

Genshin Impact will be released on September 28! While the PS4 version will be released at a later date (which we can speculate due to miHoYo asking for Sony's cooperation for crossplay, as the 3 platforms that will host it will have crossplay), those who play in PS4 can start their journey in another way then hop in their PS4 once the game is up!

Genshin Impact.jpg

The game was touted by others as something to look forward as it looks like a Breath of the Wild-inspired game which that game has received plenty of accolades and praises all over the gaming community. So, when they found out that Genshin Impact will be like BOTW, they followed suit in the hype train and been wanting to play it too.

And sure, others have played the CBT and have told that there are things that need to be fixed when they release the game, and that's great! The game needs to be polished in order to bring the fullest experience possible in the game. Therefore, the criticisms are a great welcome to the game's life cycle.

Genshin Impact b.png

Right now, there's a pre-registration campaign going in the game, you can pre-register on the website pre-register in the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store for your respective platform of use. The rewards in the pre-registration campaign include in-game food, money, ores, and summoning materials called "Acquaint Fate".

Genshin Impact c.png

There's also a social media campaign going on which if they reach a specific amount of followers and subscribers, they will give away more Acquaint Fate! Finally, you can invite your friends for a chance to obtain real-life rewards, better check it out if you are interested.

The game is about to be released, full-steam ahead! I, for one, welcome the game with open arms as it tries to break the stigma of mobile games being bad. Remember, while this game is multi-platform, its core is still a mobile game, so the critics better remember when the game starts to become a hit.

I am definitely going to make time and play this game regularly, how about you? Tell us in the comment section below! Don't forget the release date is September 28!