Countdown To Wildrift: What You Need To Know Before the Alpha Test

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Only a couple of days from now on, pinoy gamers all over the country will the rare chance to have a rare first-hand experience of the most hype mobile MOBA today, the League of Legends: Wildrift. Starting on June 5 and 6, Wildrift's Alpha Test will officially start here in our country together with Brazil as part of Riot's trial to ensure that their newest flagship will be stable and ready for launching probably this year.

But before we slake our thirst for this really mouth-watering game, here are some things that you should know first before we clash head-on to the Summoner's Rift.

Wildrift's Alpha Test will Be Limited Only To Certain Number of Tester

This might sound a little bit of bad news but according to Riot, the Alpha Test will only be available to a small number of pre-registered players through Google Play. This means iOS owners will have to be patient for a while since they can not participate in the Alpha Test. The selection of Alpha Tester will be done randomly but they ensure that a large pool of tester can have a chance to play the game.

Alpha Test Will Be Available Only For A Limited Period and Date

Gamers from the Philippines can only try Wildrift from 6 P.M to 10 P.M every day starting from June 6 to June 27. To register, all you need is to check on the Google Play app and search for LoL: Wildrift. So mark your calendar and switch on those alarms!

What Will Be Tested In Wildrift?

Since it is still considered under development, the trial test will focus on seeking the feedback of players in relation to the core gameplay if it at par with the PC version, game system including the user progression, and server stability.

Limited Number of Champions Are Available

Unlike the PC version that offers 145 champions to choose from, the Alpha Test will only offer access to 36 champions for now. It also includes 8 keystone runes and 3 minor runes for the gamers to choose from during the trial test.

Your Progress In Alpha Test Will Not Be Saved

Use the Alpha Test only to try the game's mechanics before its official launch. Make use of the limited trial to be familiar with how the game works on its mobile version.

Can My Phone Run LoL Wild Rift?

The good news is that Wildrift only requires average to above-average specs for it to run in your smartphone. We already provided the minimum requirements for your Android and iOS phones in our previous article so you can check it out as early as now to see whether your smartphone can run Wildrift smoothly.