Counter:Side is Gearing up for a Global Release

Counter:Side Global Assault will finally have official global servers for both Android and iOS, after many players are likely to have settled on the Southeast Asia release. StudioBside will self-publish the title for a global audience; otherwise, the title will be managed by ZLONGGAMES for SEA and Nexon Japan.

The battles and large collection of cute characters made the game extremely immersive. Because of the "Watch," a mystery that users must solve while battling the dark forces, these characters have supernatural abilities. Characters are also assigned roles such as Defender, Striker, Ranger, Sniper, Supporter, Tower, and Siege.

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The compelling story, with addition of light humor to make the story more interesting, made Counter: Side an instant success. In the game, players assume the role of the CEO of the Coffin Company, deploying various squads to fight monsters and bosses as a result of what appears to be an apocalyptic event that has befallen Earth.

While the Administration Failure led to Corrupted Objects threatening the very existence of humanity,
A chosen few known as the Counters fight against these Corrupted Objects to drive them back to the void.
Now, the ceased clock starts to tick once more.​

For more information about the game, here is their official website!