Counter-Strike 2 Limited Test Beta FAQ

Valve has finally revealed the much-awaited Counter-Strike sequel, but instead of a standard release trailer, the developers opted to release a trio of videos on YouTube that showcases tick rate improvements, dynamic smoke grenades, and map evolutions.


The official release window of the game has also been revealed which will be in Summer of this year. Fortunately, as Valve knows that fans have been waiting for this for a long time now, Valve announced that there will be a limited test beta.

If interested, here’s everything you need to know about the Counter-Strike 2 limited test beta:
  • The limited test beta started last March 22 and as of the moment, it has no official end date yet. But as the game will be released in Summer 2023, we can expect that the limited test beta will end by then.
  • To be selected for the limited test beta, there are a number of factors that developers consider, including (but not limited to) recent playtime on Valve official servers, trust factor, and Steam account standing.
  • But if you’re lucky and have been chosen to participate, a notification will be sent to you through the main menu of CS:GO. If an invitation has been sent, select "ENROLL" and begin your download. Once the download has been completed, launch CS:GO and select the "Limited Test" option to play the Counter-Strike 2 Limited Test.
  • The test will offer Deathmatch and Unranked Competitive matchmaking on Dust2. However, in future limited test releases, it will offer other game modes, maps, and features.
  • If a bug has been encountered, send an email to cs2team [at] valvesoftware [dot] com and title your email "CS2LT Bug. Also include a brief description of the bug. In the body of your email, don’t forget to put a detailed description of the bug, reproduction steps, and any screenshots or other helpful information so the Counter-Strike 2 team may investigate.
  • Note that there are no keys or codes required for the CS2 limited test beta. Valve warns participants to avoid potential scams offering access to the limited test through a key, and not to login to any third-party sites offering these fake keys.
  • All of your existing skins and other items from CS:GO can be used in the limited test beta. However, you won’t be able to modify your items in the test but if you really want to, like adding or scraping stickers, it needs to be done in CS:GO. Note that some of your items may have a slight change in appearance since they will be exposed in new lighting.
There’s still a lot that interested players need to know about the limited test beta, to know more, Valve provided an official FAQ for the test beta.