Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s AK-47 Wild Lotus Skin was sold for more than ₱8M

Even though Valve has been putting effort in suppressing secondhand marketplaces, a Chinese version of Buff, which is a secondhand marketplace for Steam users to trade CS:GO skins, has just made a staggering sale of a skin from the game. The skin in question was the AK-47 Wild Lotus Skin that was sold for ¥1,095,000 RMB or ₱8,692,737.18 PHP. This skin is a “Factory New” version that has an extremely low float number and four valuable stickers.


In case you didn’t know, when a CS: GO weapon is made, a “float” value is assigned which determines if it's “Factory New” or “Battle Scarred”. Aside from the gun being “Factory New”, it somehow features four Reason Gaming Holo stickers, which are alleged to cost around $145,000 USD or ₱7,932,297.50 PHP each. If the AK-47 Wild Lotus Skin is sticker-less, the skin will cost around $13,000 USD or ₱711,171.50 PHP.

But even if the skin is sold for such a high price, many users think that it was rather sold for a fair price.


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