Counter Strike: GO Breaks New Record For Reaching All-Time Peak Concurrent Player Figure

One of the most enduring multiplayer FPS of all time in console and PC gaming has just prove that despite the countless games swarming the online community, it still remains alive and kicking with its new record of more than 901,000 players playing the game last February 9, 2020.

CS: Go which was released by Valve in 2012 as the sequel to CS: Source continue to strive through the test time as one of the most popular FPS globally. Previously on 2016, it reached a memorable milestone of hitting 850,485 concurrent number of players and it never stopped there as it smashed that record by 25,000 players this year. CS: Go currently surpasses the concurrent number of players in newer and hugely popular games in Steam such as Dota 2 and Players Unknown Battlegrounds.

Many players considered Counter Strike franchise as one of the pioneers in multiplayer FPS with its unforgettable Terrorist versus Counter-Terrorist deathmatches and fast-paced yet tactical gameplay that eventually led its way to the professional gaming scene as one of the staple games that always have its annual tournament such as the previously conducted StarLadder Major: Berlin 2019.

As of the moment, Valve has also introduce new updates for CS: Go such as adding a mute system features for players who abuse other players via the in-game chat. Players who are muted will need to earn enough XP points to lift the said penalty. The jungle map also received some updates and bots are given improved decision trees.