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Apr 22, 2019
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This will feature 3 heroes: Claude, Kimmy and Karrie

They are the 3 best MMs in the current META (S12)

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The obvious counter for Claude is Belerick. But not an ordinary Belerick, a Blade Armored Attack Type Belerick with Vengeance Spell.

How will Claude recounter?

Wait for Belerick to use his ult first before you enter the teamfight using your ult. Be a basic attack type Claude (Z4pnu's Playstyle for Claude)

If you wish to use other tanks, just use Blade Armor. For Fighters, Wings of the Apocalypse Queen is also useful.

Other teammates may use movement debuffer items to delay Claude's movement.

Mages may use Ice Queen Wand
Marksman and Fighters may use Corrosion Scythe
Assassins may use Rapid Boots

How to recounter again?

Claude may use Brute Force Chestplate. This item is also very useful against the enemy marksman for Late Game and against physical damage from Fighters and Assassins.

CC effects is also one of the best counters. Claude may recounter this using the purify spell.

~~~ Kimmy

Kimmy is quite tricky to counter. CC effects has always been the best counter to everyone.

For tanks, I recommend that you look at what the Kimmy is building. If she is building physical items like Blade of Despair, build your armor first. If she is building magical items like Holy Crystal, build magic resistance items.

Make sure that you successfully hit a CC effect like stun to Kimmy before disengaging towards her.

Kimmy may use Purify to recounter CC effect.

Other counters for Kimmy depends on your strategy.

Common strategies are:

- An Assassin will backdoor to kill her
- You will for her to be out of position
- You will kill all of her nearby teammates first.


Karrie is usually build as a semitank so don't underestimate her. Her damage is also coming from her passive that deals true damage based on the MAX HP

Take note: MAX HP. Not Current HP.

You cannot counter the damage that Karrie gives directly.

If you are a tank, focus more on items that gives armor and magic res, not HP.

Ex: Blade Armor gives 90 Armor and 0 HP at a very cheap price.

Dominance Ice is also a good armor item that counters Crits (which counters Lesley and Bruno) and slows attack speed of nearby opponents. This is a good item for both Tanks and Mages. Mages can use this because this amplifies the damage of Lightning Truncheon and also gives CDR.

Dominance Ice simply slow Karrie's Attack Speed so try to be near her if you are a tank.

Athena's Shield can still be used since the shield do not count as an extra HP and it needs to be popped out first before your HP can be depleted.

Aside from CC effects of course, another way to counter Karrie is to slow her movement speed.

Mages may use Ice Queen Wand
Marksman and Fighters may use Corrosion Scythe
Assassins may use Rapid Boots

Next lesson na tayo. About the META Mages naman which are Lunox, Esmeralda, Harith, Kagura, Harley and Kadita.

Lunox is countered by Helcurt. Try to analyze the presence of Lunox and Helcurt in the Tournaments (MPL S3).

Have you mastered using Helcurt already? He is a counter to powerful mages like Lunox so better master him so that you can use this when your team has no assassin.

Preventing Lunox to use skills is the best way to counter her. Silence is also considered as a CC effect. Stun can also be used as a counter.

Lunox can recounter by building Dominance Ice.

The additional Armor will reduce the damage of Helcurt

The mana and CDR is also very beneficial to Lunox. This also amplifies the damage of Lightning Truncheon.

The passive of Dominance Ice also will reduce the attack speed of Helcurt so that he can't burst Lunox down that easy.

Dominance Ice is the best defense, at the same time, offensive item for Mages in my opinion.


Necklace of Durance is a counter to Esmeralda.

Though even the Esmeralda player didn't know, Esmeralda already recounters this item because Oracle is her core item.

HP Regen Items is countered by Necklace of Durance which is recountered by Oracle because it amplifies HP Regen and Shield effects.

Do not use Athena's Shield as your main magic resistance item because you are just giving Esmeralda a free HP. Cursed Helmet is the best magic resistance item when you are against Esmeralda.

Also when facing against Esmeralda, try to avoid her immobilized effect from her ultimate skill.

But if you are hit by her ultimate skill, don't try to run because it's no use. Rather cast skills and basic attacks. You are not stunned, just immobilized, so better damage them rather than trying to escape.


Chou counters Harith by kicking him away from his Zaman Force.

Minsitthar also counters Harith's Second skill. When Harith casts his Zaman Force, cast you ult at the Zaman Force Zone so that Harith's ult will be useless.

That is also one of the reasons why sometimes, Harith is not banned.


Always keep an eye on her umbrella. There is no specific hero to counter her. Just be aware of her movement debuffs coming mainly from her umbrella. Most of the time I use Rapid Boots when against a Kagura.

She is also difficult to use that is why she is quite unpopular even though she is one of the best mages of all time.


Keep an eye on his hat. This is an advanced trick that you can try to master by experience.

Harley's combo makes him deadly. Do you know the counter?

The spell Aegis. Even if your team only has one Aegis spell user, the whole team can benefit from it. Use this once he casted his ult.

Countering his deadly combo is a way to minimize Harley's impact in the game.


No wonder why Kadita becomes popular. Her second skill is a powerful knock-up skill. Keep an eye on that one and try to dodge it as much as you can. Though I do not recommend that you will use your flicker spell to avoid it because it will be wasted most of the time.

~~~End of Guide

Counterpicking GuideBy: Kaito