Crash Remaster Trilogy DLC Adds An Unreleased Secret Level PS4 

The Original Crash Bandicoot super hard level that was cut before finally set to make it into players hands today. Everyone will finally have the opportunity to die countless times on the level, Stormy Ascent, as Vicarious Visions has announced a DLC pack that adds it to Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy.

This was announced today to coincide with a panel at San Diego Comic-Con, where team members from Vicarious Visions (developer of N. Sane Trilogy) and Naughty Dog (creator of the Crash series) are sharing stories about developing Crash. Stormy Ascent is a level that shipped on the original Crash Bandicoot PS1 disc but was not accessible without the use of a GameShark or--later on--an emulator.

Stormy Ascent is available now on the PlayStation Store. It will be free during its first month of availability, and after that, players will be able to purchase it for $3.

source via PSN

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