Create Your Own Esports Tournament With New Facebook Gaming Features

As part of the on-going campaign #PlayApartTogether by gaming industry's bigwigs to promote social distancing to fight back against the threat of COVID - 19, Facebook came up with a brand new feature to let gamers to join or creater their own esport tournament right in their home.

From their Facebook Gaming feature, a tool called Tournaments can now be accessed for everyone. All the basic needs in setting up an online tournament are already here from registration, score tally and bracket management. Tournament organizers can even stream the competitions for others to watch online. In addition to this, the created online game competition can also be used as a means for fundraising campaign if the game organizer wanted to help certain charity or community.

The Tournament Tool features 3 types of competition format: single elimination, double elimination and round robin. You can set your online tournament in your PC ( the mobile feature is still under development) by following these easy steps:

1. Upon opening your FB account, go to the Gaming Video Section. Click the "Tournament" tab.
2. Click "Create Tournament" and then proceed with "Add Tournament".
3. Fill up all the necessary details that FB will ask including the details required for your event.
4. Finish it by clicking " Create Tournament Event".

As of time, FB Tournament Tool is considered first of this kind though Twitch has the same features but not directed to the general public but for professional streamers mostly. However, this new feature is still on its Early Access Stage and currently its developer are trying to test what other improvements can be added to it to optimize gaming tournament experience especially for the gaming community.

You can now check out the upcoming tournaments in FB gaming through this link where your fave games like Mobile Legends and Fortnite already have their own competition and waiting for other players from all over the world to join.