Create your world in Free Fire and more with the latest patch update!

Free Fire has returned with its latest edition of updates to Free Fire and Free Fire MAX, Free Fire: Rampage! In this release, players will find a revamped Craftland (map editor mode), a brand new character, new in-game modes, and several other updates to characters and weapons.

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Free Fire: Rampage heralds the beginning of a new era for Free Fire Craftland. Fans of Free Fire will be thrilled to hear about the introduction of a new map - Isle of Champs, new zombie elements in Craftland, and more! Check out more updates for Free Fire and Free Fire MAX below.

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Free Fire & Free Fire MAX

Weapon and equipment
  • New weapon: M24
  • Weapon adjustments: FAMAS, M14, M4A1-Z, Scar, Groza, VSS, UMP, Kar98k, Treatment Sniper, AC80, M79
Gaming environment
  • Anti-hack: Hackers will be banned from the leaderboard; No stars or rank points deducted for players killed by cheaters.
  • Credit system: More credit points will be deducted for high-ranking players
  • Honor System: Honor Score deductions will differ according to ranks
New mode
  • Bomb Squad 5v5 mode: Released on 10 June
  • New character: Homer; the new character is able to track down the enemy and create a field that damages HP and slows fire rate and movement speed
  • Character rework and adjustments: D-bee, Wolfrahh, Dimitri, Alok, Skyler, Steffie, Chrono, Kenta, Xayne, Clu, Wukong, Misha, Nairi
  • New pet: Shark
Clash Squad
  • New Level-up Armor: Upgrade armors and helmets
  • New Random Spawn Point: Spawn points are randomised each round.
Battle Royale
  • Airdrop adjustments: Different levels of airdrops have different light beam visual effects.
  • Advanced item light effects: Differentiated design for different light effects
  • Optimisations: Replay system is available in Bomb Squad and Lone Wolf mode
  • New map: The new Isle of Champs map is smaller than the Origin Land map
  • Zombies: Customise the movement behaviour of zombies
Additional optimisations
  • File size: Android users will enjoy an optimised file size with this update.
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