Crimson Desert - New Fantasy MMORPG Under Development By Pearl Abyss PC 

It does sound like that popular game called Black Desert, right? Are they related to each other? Well, it's not that far from the truth. Pearl Abyss is the Korean developer behind these two awesome games. And the fact that they both share the word "desert" might have piqued your interest just as it did to mine. So, before we start digging, let me tell you already that Crimson Desert is a standalone IP and it will soon become our newest epic fantasy MMORPG.


For years since we've first experienced Black Desert's cool designs and thrilling gameplay, who would've thought that there was a "supposed" sequel game being developed behind the scenes. So, let's talk about how the game was developed.

Set in the fantasy world on the continent of Pywell, a whole new storyline and set of characters await. If you're a Black Desert player, then you might be familiar with the region named "Crimson Desert". The fact is that the Crimson Desert was once titled as a prequel to the Black Desert. According to the official information from Pearl Abyss, during the development, a new storyline and characters were created. And that's why it became a new title separate from Black Desert.

The production started back in 2018 led by Jason Jung, the former game Design Director of RYL Online (Risk Your Life). The Lead Producer is none other than the founder of Pearl Abyss, Deail Kim. The former Lead Combat Designer of RYL Online, Eter Lee, leads the development of Crimson Desert's action combat system. They aimed to start the beta test during this year 2020 for both PC and consoles (console names unconfirmed). Unfortunately, the year is about to end and we still haven't seen any tests yet.


I won't be too surprised if they were affected by the pandemic situation too. There are games that were pushed back to later dates due to the sudden international pandemic crisis that happened. But, that's the real problem here, isn't it? I hope I'm asking the right question here. Since Black Desert has a massive amount of player base, what will happen to that game once Crimson Desert hits the screen? They do have similarities in terms of graphic designs and animations. I got to admit tho, Crimson Desert do look prettier than Black Desert Online.


The game does have that real MMORPG vibe with enhanced graphics on it. The trailer was great and shows a lot of promising details. And according to the information, Crimson Desert will have single-player and online multiplayer content. You'll play with a host of mercenaries as you try to live and survive in the continent of Pywell. That sounds like a Witcher-styled story except that you're not a one-man army walking around the town.


If you're wondering what's the deal with the images that you're seeing, those are the screenshots of the game. Look how well-defined those details and textures are. I think Pearl Abyss is pretty serious on this one. I don't want to compare it against the other three games, DokeV, Plan 8, Shadow Arena. But, this one looks amazing already!


If what we're seeing in the images are the things that we'll exactly get in the game, then I guess it will be worth my time and effort to give it a try. There's no further news or update that we can give you. You can bet tho that we're excited to see this game in fruition. If we get our hands on any news on this baby, we'll share it with your right away! So stay tuned for future updates!


There's no pre-registration or stuff, so let me just give you the links that might fill your interest. And just like how we end, I'm giving all the credits to Pearl Abyss and their team for the images and content I've used. Your game looks amazing and we can't wait to test it out soon.
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