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May 11, 2015
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Overview -indoi-‘s Critical Assassin Guide
Hi Guys! I am returning player from Chaos/Odin pRO way back 2005-2008 with some know-how in Ragnarok online.

Currently playing in Loki server and I finally reached level 99 after grueling months of grinding.

Today I am going to share my personal knowledge and hope it will serve as a guide for other players who wanted to create an Assassin.

This guide is based on my own experience & understanding of Revo-Classic mechanics in ROPH.

Why Critical Assassin?

• Can reach 80% to 120% critical rate without the use of Soldier Skeleton Cards.
• High single-target DPS that can reach 1- 1.5k critical with high Aspd.
• High flee rate and can solo most of the monster in RO.
• Very effective for solo and fun to play.
• You need a lot of cards (racial critical cards)
• Requires endow to maximize its full potential
• Mediocre in MVP.
• Hard to level 99 compared to other Assassin Builds/Class

Since ROPH is running in revo-classic setup one must understand how stats works in this server. You may refer to for further reading.

Str: is your primary stat and should kept high to achieve a good DPS. You should have a minimum of 90-100 un-buffed Str or 110 using Str cards and food.

Agi: is your secondary stat which boost both your Aspd and flee. Aspd should be your main focus. Reaching 182 to 185 Aspd (Buffed) is the ideal sweet spot.

Vit: 9-40. IMO Vit doesn't really give you a high amount of HP but if you play WOE higher health pool is definitely needed.

Int: Leave it at 1.
Dex: Since you will have high critical chance, leave this at 1.

Luk: 40 to 60 is good but very wary that there are monster with high critical shield thus effectively reducing your critical chance. Luk also adds ATK and Hit Rate.

The actual ASPD calculation depends on AGI, DEX, ASPD Potions and skills, the type of equipped weapon, and current job class. It can take between 1 and 20 AGI to increase ASPD by 1.

I suggest you use stat calculators like this:
(I personally use this one)

Equipment: (Non UPG and High End Equips)

  • Jur [3]: It is best weapon for critical assassin especially with racial critical cards. Jurs has 3 slots and very easy to upgraded to +7. Try to get +8-9 for maximum efficiency.
  • Katar [2]: Higher damage than Jur but 1 less slot.

  • Indonesian Beret: +3 to All Stats
  • Pecopeco Head Band: +5% Increase ASPD
  • Ribbon of Bride: +2 to All Stats + 10% Demi-Human Damage Reduction
  • Angel Spirit: +2 Str 15 Hit
  • Robo Eye: +2% ATK
  • Blush of Groom: +3% Demi-Human Damage Reduction
  • Lower
  • Pirate Dagger: +5 ATK
  • Grandfather’s Pipe: +2% Demi-Human Damage Reduction
  • Spiked Scarf: +1 Vit +1% Demi-Human Damage Reduction
  • Alternatives: Rock, Paper, Scissorhand Model
  • Pantie [1]: +5 Agi when using with undie really helps a lot in reaching certain aspd target.
  • Thief-Clothes [1]: +1 Agi with Slot and cheaper than slotted pantie
  • Undershirt: As mentioned above best combo-ed with Pantie for assassins especially with slotted one.
  • Hood [1] or muffler [1]: cheap and less weight.
  • High Heels: Slotted with MDef
  • Crystal Pumps: +5 Luk
  • Sandals: cheap and less weight

  • Belt [1] Clip [1], Matyr Leash or Rosary: Low Level
  • Brooch [1], Ring [1] or Rosary [1]: Level 90+
  • The Sign
Weapon Cards:
  • These cards should be your main priority and you need 3 of each on your weapon.
  • Each card gives +7 Critical on Target Race + 10% Critical Damage.
  • This is the key in getting high critical damage and critical rate against monsters.

Cruiser: Brute Monster
Goblin Archer: Undead Monster
Kobold Archer: Plant Monster
Dullahan: Dragon Monster
Goblin Steam-Rider: Formless Monster
Panzer-Goblin: Demon Monster
Rotar-Zairo: Fish Monster
Assaulter: Demi-Human Monster
Bloody Murderer: Insect Monster

High-end Alternative: 2x Mobster 1 Soldier Skeleton, 1 Mobster 1 Paper 1 Soldier Skeleton or 2x Mobster 1 Paper (Thief set will yield low critical rate)

When Compounded in Jur [3]:
  • Triple Racial Crit: 21 Critical Rate on Target Race + 30% Critical Damage
  • Double Mobster + Soldier Skeleton: 17 Critical Rate +30% Critical Damage
  • Mobster + Paper + Soldier Skelen: 13 Critical Rate + 35% Critical Damage
  • Double Mobster + Paper: 8 Critical Rate + 50% Critical Damage
Headgear Cards:
  • Nightmare Card: +1 Agi Immunity to Sleep
  • Deviruchi Card: +1 Str Immunity to Blind
Armor Cards:
  • Picky Card: +1 Str and +10 ATK
  • Baby Leopard Card: Use this if you want to save 3 points on Luk.
  • Elemental Cards: Bathory, Marc, Dokebi Etc for specific monster to avoid skill damage.
Garment Cards:
  • Whisper Card: +20 flee sounds awesome but is really unnecessary. You already have high flee
  • Bapho Jr. Card: +3 agi and +1 Crit. (I dig this)
  • Ninetail Card: +2 Agi, good for your Aspd.
  • Giant-Whisper Card: Very useful but a very rare and expensive card.
  • Wanderer Card: Debatable and should prolly used only with thief set
  • Green Maiden: -5 Luk and +1 Critical Rate per refine level
  • Hyegun Card: +15 Flee + Critical rate
  • Footgear Cards:
  • Firelock Soldier Card: +2 Str +10% HP/SP if refine +9
  • Male ThiefBug Card: Gives you +2 Agi. Use it to reach the next Aspd bonus.
  • Matyr Card: +1 Agi 10% Max HP
  • Wild Roase Card: +1 Agi +5 Perfect Dodge

Accessories Card:
  • Kobold Card: +4 Critical Rate +1 Str
  • Do not underestimate the power of pets.
  • They are useful and provide awesome stats when cordial/loyal.
Yoyo: The +3 Crit and -1 Luk helps you save 8 points from Luk.
Poring: Dirt cheap and +1 Crit and +2 Luk.
Picky: +1 Str, +5 ATK
Orc Warrior: +10 ATK
Petite Pet: This one is for Aspd fans. Helps you save 2-3 Agi points.
Lunatic Pet: +2 Crit, +2 ATK.

Leveling Spots:
  • Level 12-35: Spores, Muka & Hode
  • Job 50: Leaf Cat
  • Level 50 – 75: HO West Orc, Isis Pyramids, Kobold Geffen Field, Alarms & Clocks
  • Level 75 to 99: Alarms, Anolian, High Orcs, Medusa, Merman & Strouf, Pasana, Raydrics, Stalatic Golem, Niflheim, Magma Dungeon 1, Turtle Dungeon.
Hope this guide has provided some insight and knowledge to you. Now go and join the Assassin brotherhood! If you have comments and suggestion, feel free to post in the comment section.