Cross-Platform Ragnarok Begins Job Guide

Guild of Guardians
You can choose to play as a swordsman, an archer, a mage, or an acolyte in Ragnarok Begins. A major conflict is underway when your character arrives in Midgard, and it turns out that you are the only one who can contribute to stopping it.


Supporters of Odin and Freya are at war because the Pope of Arunafeltz is gone. You'll need to stop the violence and figure out where the Pope went. Perhaps as you proceed, you'll learn even more mysteries?

Odyssey, the forerunner to Begins, was able to convey some amazing mini stories in an MMO environment. Begins hopefully will carry on that tradition in the future by delivering captivating stories that we can enjoy while on the go.

1st Job Change
Your first job change becomes available upon reaching Job level 10. When you reach Job Level 10, you will receive the 1st Job Change Quest.

You can change jobs by selecting the job you want and completing the quest for that job.
You can abandon job quests midway, but you cannot change jobs once the job change process is complete.

2nd Job Change
Your second job change becomes available upon reach Job Level 40.

When you reach Job Level 40, you will receive the 2nd Job Change Quest.

Complete the 2nd Job Change Quest to change to that job.
Upon completing the 2nd Job Change Quest, you will acquire an exclusive secondary skill.


Job Skills
  • Skills that are unique to each job
  • Job skills are divided into primary and secondary skills
  • Secondary skills are those that utilize the unique characteristics of each job.
Secondary skills are acquired upon completing the 2nd job change.
Free skill tree configuration available.

Character Death and Resurrection
  • Death Occurs when HP Reaches 0
  • Resurrection conditions differ depending on the circumstances
  • If a character dies during gameplay, you can select them to be revived.
  • Resurrection conditions differ depending on the circumstances.
Normal field resurrection
  • Waypoint resurrection: Waypoints are bases saved through Kafra where you can be revived without using an item. HP is not restored.
  • Instant resurrection: Resurrect at point of death using Yggdrasil Seeds that also restore HP.
  • Resurrection by other users: Users can resurrect one another using Yggdrasil Leaves.
Resurrection in other fields
Resurrection takes on a different form in PvP and dungeons.


  • Basic Stamina
  • Stamina that users can use it a day
  • Stamina is action power that can be used each day.
When all Stamina has been consumed, EXP, Zeny, and items cannot be obtained from monsters in the normal field.
  • 1000 Stamina is acquired per day.
  • Additional Stamina can be acquired from Town and Housing Stamina furniture.
  • Daily Stamina that is not used will be accumulated into the next day.
  • The maximum Stamina limit is 3000, and any amount beyond that will not be restored.
  • When depleted, you still can obtain equipment, but chances decrease by 1/5.
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