CrossFire Guide bout P90


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Nov 4, 2018
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Introduction: The P90 Gun Is mostly seen In Counter Strike used by Bots. Also it’s one of the Rarest Guns in CF. It Sports an Ammo of 50/100, largest amongst gp guns. I bought this for the Lulz and I ended loving the gun more than my qbz and M12s.

Low Damage (hitting around 20 damage thru chest)
Low Accuracy
Unpredictable Spray pattern
Loud Sound when you Shoot
Slow Reload
Can deliver light tap at the back at long range

Large Magazine
Nice Sound
Nice Looks
Good at cqc
Headshot Magnet

Darn, it’s Soo Good, I never bothered getting supply Crates. With its Large Magazine, it’s good for running away and cornering mutants*. You can Camp with it, rush with it and also Kill Steal**** with it. I killed 3 Zombies in one round with it.

Advisable Maps: Death Trap(Excavation), Estate(Headquarters), Historical Site(Tranquility) and Zombie Port

Escape Mode:
Not Advisable with breaking Gates and Stuff, yet. This gun delivers a punch. Good for guarding windows and escape points, just try to hide and get as close as possible with this gun

Advisable Maps: Headquarters, Temple Of Ruins

This gun is not so good with it, DM is almost composed entirely of “Hide and Seek”. And it’s so loud than it’s like yelling “hit me I’m easy target” making your teammates facepalm due to the Fact that you’re too loud. Advisable with cqc maps with spots where you can appear/disappear** when an enemy is near. Also, Avoid crowded Teamates, you could be the cause of your mass massacre. When you kill one with it, consider your Opponent as a Newbie or just Plain Noob.

Advisable Maps: Mexico and other cqc maps

If you can’t kill with it. Then practice more with it on ZM. Chances of you being kicked are 10% with this gun. Ghost will realize “don’t kick him, his damage were too low that he’s Tickling us” and thus, they’ll pity on your hardwork on pwning them . If your trying to become a Pro, then use it.(I’m not forcing you to use it, don’t blame me if you can’t kill with that gun, M12s and Veresk*** is always available)

Advisable Maps: Laboratory, historical Sites

Never tried this Sh*t because of cheaters. I guess it same as playing “L4D”. Noise attracts the horde, same with Players. My Advice, Kill Steal**** whenever as Possible.

Advisable Maps: Any ffa maps, except Blackwidow

Unleash the beast in you with the P90!! Pull out neat triple kills and chain-head-Shot your way to Stardom. Sporting a monstrous magazine and neat Sound Effects, you’ll become a God and you’ll never be called M12gay or VereskGay.******

Advisable Maps: Maps where you can surprise your enemy, especially Cebu City, Factory and Egypt.

Go buy it. Don’t Follow the Majority of cf players who buy Veresk and M12s***. The sound and Large Mag is enough to force you to buy eet. It’s Insanely cheap***** So you should buy it.