CrossFire Mission System FAQ


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Jul 14, 2018
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Note: CrossFire Mission System will start on June 1st of 2010.

What is CrossFire Mission System?

CrossFire Mission System is an in-game system event wherein players are given set of missions that he/ she should accomplish so as to gain reward/s.

What are the requirements?

1. Game Club Account.
2. CrossFire Game Client.

Where can I check my mission details?

You can check the Mission Details through Mission Button, available in Channel Lobby and Room Lobby, just right above the chat window.

Note: Please be informed that the daily missions randomly change every day.

Will I get better rewards if I complete the daily missions every day?

Yes! You may see the rewards available for the particular month in the Monthly Records window.

Note: You don’t have to play 5, 10, 15 or 20 consecutive days in order to get the reward. You'll be given 30 Days to complete the Daily Missions for the Month.

What is CrossFire Letter Card? How can I get it?

CrossFire Letter Card is a sub mini in-game event of the CrossFire Mission System. You'll be rewarded with One (1) random CrossFire Letter Card when you finish a daily mission.

Note: You may get a letter you already have. The card deck will reset once you have exchanged it for the reward.

Are there any rules?

Yes there are. You may view the Daily Mission Rules by clicking on the Orange Colored Box with Question Mark.

Daily Mission Rules

- The room must have at least 6 players in order for the mission to be counted.
- The mission won't be counted if you get kicked or when you leave the room you're playing.
- For Time-based matches, it should be at least 10 minutes for the mission to be counted.
- For ffa kill based matches, the required number of kills is 25 or more.
- For tdm kill based matches, the required number of kills is 100 or more.

Additional Information:

- Before exiting the game, you may check the Daily Mission Details in the Exit Window.

- While in-game, you may check the Daily Mission Details by pressing "Tab" on your keyboard.

- After the game, you'll be informed if you have already accomplished the Daily Mission.