Crossfire: Warzone Open Its Global Version For Nearly Hundreds of Countries

Crossfire is not a stranger when it comes to the gaming community as it maintains its status as a competent contender in the FPS arena with fresh updates that keep it alive and kicking up until today. But it now enters the uncharted water of strategy genre as it finally releases the global version of its mobile counterpart, Crossfire: Warzone.

Crossfire Warzone a.jpg

After its successful soft-launch in countries like Philippines and Thailand, JOYCITY seems to be confident now to introduce Warzone to new and old players of Crossfire. The said features a top-down RTS gameplay that lets you control a host of military units from foot soldiers, helicopters. and tanks to reclaim cities that have been captured by a powerful terrorist group that utilizes high-tech arsenals and weaponry. The good news is that you can train and upgrade your units to match the futuristic units of your enemies in the game.

Crossfire Warzone b.jpg

Of course, you need also to build your own base in the game like your standard RTS game. But Warzone also offers other elements of MMO like having the chance to acquire 25 heroes in the game that are all based on the characters from the original Crossfire series like the iconic officer Natasha. Each of these heroes brings skills and abilities that you can use to gain an advantage during your combat against the deadly terrorist group like attack boost or instant summon powerful artillery units.

Crossfire Warzone c.jpg

The game is not only limited to PVE though as it also features real-time PVP battle where players can even form an Alliance with one another similar to a guild in MMORPG and participate in a grand scale event called City Takeover to gather more rewards along the way. But for those who want a smaller yet still challenging event, they can try the Town Takeover instead.

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Warzone includes also interesting in-game events that keep you glued in pulling those tactics in battling not just the terrorist groups but also Nanoinfectants that act like enhanced zombies created by the infamous villain Breaker that you will also face in the game. In addition to this, there are also check-in and ranking events that you can join in the game to speed up your upgrade. Check out also the Massive Organic Weapons that you challenge your skills in the war zone as it is made to annihilate all its enemies on its way with its power of futuristic weapons.

As early as now, gamers can now download Crossfire: Warzone and enjoy several rewards and boost after their registration phase. Give us your thoughts about this new spin-off to Crossfire IP right in the comment section below.