Crunchyroll removes its comment section for all streaming contents to maintain a 'safe and respectful community environment'

The popular anime streaming platform Crunchyroll has disabled its comment section for all streaming content and even news site-wide in order to maintain a healthy and safe environment for its users.


Fans were quite surprised by the sudden removal of the comment section without announcing it publicly. In a recent post, the Crunchyroll support page revealed the reason why they have disabled the platform’s important feature where its users can engage and interact.

“At Crunchyroll, we prioritize creating a safe and respectful community environment. To maintain this standard, we are hiding all existing user-generated content, including comments and reviews, across all our platforms and experiences,” Crunchyroll stated.

The user ratings will still remain, allowing fans to express their opinions, but only through star ratings.

A reddit post by Crunchyroll support staff further elaborated and explained the reason behind the decision, revealing that the decision was made to ensure a safer, more respectful, and higher-quality environment for its users.

“This change helps us reduce harmful content, prevent misinformation, and improve the overall user experience.”

It is still unclear whether the removal of the comment section was already planned or if it was Crunchyroll’s response to recent issues relating to the newly-aired anime series Twilight Out of Focus, as per the speculations of anime YouTuber Geoff Thew.

The series was recently review-bombed, with the comment section full of criticism and homophobic remarks against the boys’ love anime series after its airing on July 4. But according to Thew, the decision went “too far,” and Crunchyroll should have moderated it instead of “nuking it all.”.

Other fans of Crunchyroll also expressed their disappointment, as the comment section became a source to decide whether the anime is worth watching, as well as a great place for the community to have a discussion and interact.

It is still unclear whether the comment section will be enabled sometime sooner. But Crunchyroll encouraged its users to share comments and connect with other fans through their various social media channels.