CryptoBlades: How to Get your Starting Character

In the previous article, we talked about how you can get started with your CryptoBlades account. Here, we will talk about how you can strategize in getting your first character.


To begin playing, you can mint your first character and you’ll receive a free 1-star weapon with it. However, there are alternatives, which is recommended to be followed, than just simply minting four characters because this might only give you different elements that will result in synergizing with just one sword.

The common suggested course of action for starting players to take is, either purchasing characters on the market so that they can get four characters with the same elements or, if you have sufficient BNB, purchasing leveled characters as experience is a resource that takes time to obtain.

Minting a character is the cheapest option that you can have, however, with the current game incentives, a mono-element team of four characters can use just one sword. If you can secure a 4-star or 5-star sword of any element, it will be beneficial to you to get four characters of the same element as the sword so that they can just share the sword.

Level milestones are important for managing character experience. Take note of when your character will reach the next milestone and if one of your characters reached one, refrain from fighting before claiming their experience.

It’s also recommended to batch claiming the character experience so that you can minimize the gas fee that it would cost since per transaction incurs a fee.

Characters will start in Level One, to increase the level, players will need to have successful combats to earn character experience to help them level up. Since character levels determine the amount of power they have during the fight calculations, it also determines the SKILL payout once it wins.

Level milestones are specific points a character gets to boost its power and in turn, increases their SKILL payout. Currently, milestones occur every ten levels - 11, 21, 31, 41, and so on.

Experience that was won in battles is stored in the Rewards Bar. Claiming experience can cost a gas fee. It is recommended to claim your character experience if it will push them to the next milestone if they are in Level 41 and under. If your character is past Level 41, it's beneficial to claim it every level since it will boost their power that will result in more SKILL gained through fight payouts.

Refer to the formula below to calculate the amount of power a character can get per level:

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