Crystal Saga 2 - Real Time Action Web-MMORPG!


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Mar 1, 2017
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Genre: MMORPG | Status: Opened | Theme: Adventure
Graphics: 3D | Fee: Free to Play | Publisher: OrangeGame | Language: English

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How many of you played Crystal Saga or Crystal Legacy before? If you like those 2 games, then I have a very good news for you, because there's Crystal Saga 2!

Crystal Saga 2 is now in 3D and the best thing about the game is that you don't even need to download any game client in-order to play! All you need is a web browser with a flash player. There are so many new stuffs in Crystal Saga 2, such as new classes, new features, new mounts, and many more! Are you ready to start your adventure!?


Dark Knight
If you like to play melee class, then this is the best class for you. It have a strong attack and defense which is useful when fighting the demons and monsters.
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For those who doesn't like to play melee class, don't worry, because there's a mage class in this game. It's a class that mastered all elementals magic that can be use to deal huge damage to the enemies! And of course, there's AOE magic attack!
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Demon Hunter
This is another melee class, it could be the alternative if you want to play melee class other than a Dark Knight. With its Scythe, it could deal huge damage to the enemies!
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This is cool, right!? And you know what? Currently, there's a new server which is just opened on 27 February 2017, It's the best time to start your adventure with all other players in the game! Let the action begin! See you in-game!

1. When can i play this game?

A: Its already launched! You can start to play from today!

2. What is the website's address?
A: Its

3. How to do top-up for this game?
A: There's some method that you can use, one of it is by using Credit Card payment (Guide: or by using online vouchers such as MOL (

4. Is there any mini client?
A: Yes, you can download it at

5. I tried to play but can't enter the game because "White / Black Screen" or "Flash Player" issue, how to fix this?
A: Go to and redownload your flash player & install. In that website, choose the flash player for the browser that you are using.
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