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    Filipino CSGO players should avoid csgo betting websites as the Steam Counter Strike Global Community is tracking down all the third party websites which are related to gambling, this was announced by steam awhile back. Valve sent notices to websites for a cease and desist procedure after the community has a lot of controversies on the gambling services of Counter Strike Global Offensive.

    Unofficial gambling websites will be brought down by Valve which our all related on betting of IN GAME skin items such as weapons. If you guys don't know how the Online betting works, I suggest you guys check it first, for a quick explanation on how it works is that, As a player who is currently playing the game can earn cases randomly which only can be opened by CS GO keys, when now opened can give you a random gun skin. Once acquired you can trade with other players. Ultimately the websites in question allow users to bet their skins against match outcomes, or use them to gamble in a variety of casino-style, browser-based games.


    Sites included in the letter
    • CSGOLounge.com
    • CSGStrong.com
    • CSGODouble.com
    • CSGO500.com
    • CSGOCosmos.com
    • CSGOCasino.net
    • CSGO2x.com
    • CSGOHouse.com
    • CSGOatse.com
    • CSGODiamonds.com
    • SocietyLogin.com
    • Dota2Lounge.com
    • CSGOCrash.com
    • CSGOLotto.com
    • CSGOBig.com
    • CSGOFast.com
    • CSGOSweep.com
    • CSGOMassive.com
    • CSGOBattle.com
    • Skins2.com
    • CSGOPot.com
    • CSGOWild.com
    • Bets.gg
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    wow, so great! I like it!

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