CS: GO Newest Patch Update This February: Patches for Agents, Custom Crosshairs and Week 15 Mission

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    Players can further enjoy the first-person shooting action between the Terrorist and Counter-Terrorist in the latest patch update of Counter Strike: Global Offensive which was released last February 24, 2020. Tons of new features awaits them especially for the customization junkies.


    The latest update introduce the all new Patch feature that will allow players to design their agent’s appearance with awesome patches that can placed in specific locations of your character model. The good news is that you can add more than one patches to your agent. Other features that included in the new update is that players can now choose the design of their crosshair from the settings menu. They can also share their own crosshair code and even try new designs done by other players as well.

    A visual rework was also made in the Buy Menu where you can have an interactive preview of your character holding its armaments and equipment. You can also now preview the equipment you can buy with illuminated icons in the buy wheel.


    Lastly for those who are itching to take the newest mission in the Operation Shattered Web, you can now participate in the Week 15 mission called Light Buy where you can maximize your earnings by doing less. This mission offers players to get 10 kills without spending over $ 2,000 in Casual: Defusal Group Delta and other exciting treat that will definitely enjoyed by trigger happy players.

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