CS:GO PH Community is Dead


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Jan 27, 2021
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Is it? Is it not?

While CS:GO is considered as one of the best and most relevant in esports, it seems that may not be the issue in the Philippines. CS:GO PH Community members seems to be either playing under the radar or there really is nothing under the radar. As we all know, we can technically describe it's community as "dead".

So why is it so called "dead"?

Is it because the game's too mechanical that no one wants to play it? complex gameplay? Is it because it requires high-spec computer to play and enjoy the game at its best? Is it because of the realistic violence?

Especially now that a new FPS game was released by Riot Games called Valorant. It was released to a lot of major regions last June 2, 2020. A lot of people transitioned to Valorant and it's PH Community is somewhat more active than CS:GO's PH Community. Mineski and Riot games already announced last year that they will be holding a national tournament this 2021 named "Mineski VxV". Despite not being a year-old game, a tournament is already on the works and it's making a big progress. Meanwhile CS:GO, even with it's legacy and being the oldest yet most relevant FPS game, still no word of having a big tournament for it.

Some say that this game is a "CS:GO Killer". Overwarch was also deemed and has potential to be a "CS:GO Killer" but it didn't live up to it. Who knows what Valorant may offer to the future?

So was it because of a newly released game? No. Even when Valorant wasn't released yet, even when overwatch wasn't released yet, CS:GO PH Community was already dead in the first place. And no one knows why.