CS:GO Players Getting Trolled By Fake Software

All gamers know the line, "Cheaters never win." But for many years of playing solo and multiplayer games, this wasn't always the case. In fact, cheats and cheaters will always be present in any games even those with high security software. And Counter Strike: Global Offensive is not an exception.

CSGO uses Valve Anti-Cheat software to maintain fairness for all the players within the game. This is very important due to the fact that CSGO is competitively played international. If you're a victim of a hacker, and you want to see them burn, you might just enjoy this video created by ScriptKid from Youtube.

He writes the codes and uploads it in his created website. Now, Google will start feeding hungry hackers with his codes. Using the bait software, he receives the recorded gameplay of the hackers getting killed by their own foolishness. ScriptKid was known for trolling cheaters from a different game called PUBG. But recently, he uploaded a new video showing messed up plays of hackers using his fake software. He even named the nine punishments that the hackers faced.

One of the most annoying punishment he made was the BloodBrothers. He claimed it to be the final judgement for the bait software user. Whenever the cheater's crosshair points into one of his teammates, his gun automatically fires. It's rude to kill your own teammates. It will most likely result getting kicked out.

Cheats are mainly used to get an advantage against other players and, ultimately, win the game. What's worse than losing in your favorite game? Losing to a hacker. Cheating makes the fair players leave the game and, eventually, kills the game itself.

Who knows? Maybe ScriptKid's method is the solution we've been all waiting for. We might see future videos of ScriptKid trolling Warzone hackers soon. If you enjoyed ScriptKid's video, you may check out his first two videos featuring PUBG hackers.


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Sep 2, 2020
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