CS2 Mobile, Honkai Star Rail Release Date, ReZero, Goblin Slayer, Seven Deadly Sins Origin, Solo Leveling, Last of Us PC, RE4 Remake and more

In our recent gaming podcast Filipino gamers discusses about the datamined Counter Strike 2 Mobile Game, Honkai Star Rail Release Date, Resident Evil 4 Remake issues, The Last of Us PC performance, and Anime Games.

Anime Games​

This week there have been so many announcements in regards to Anime games, Anyone playing those? So what are the games?

Re:Zero – Starting Life in Another World Witch’s Re:surrection, Its said to be a full-fledged RPG and is being developed for mobile and if anyone knows of this anime is popular tbh.

Goblin Slayer Another Adventurer: Nightmare Feast, another upcoming RPG. This will be available for PC and Nintendo Switch. If you watch the anime the first episode the mainstream media went wild, read the manga instead.

The Seven Deadly Sins: Origin, running on Unreal Engine 5 and was first announced in January 2022. New gameplay footage was shared during GDC 2023, Shows Tristan Liones son of meliodas and Elizabeth. Currently in development for Consoles, PC, and Mobile. Another popular anime the first season animation was good then for some reason they look like they run out of budget.

Solo Leveling: ARISE, technically not an Anime, not yet atleast coz the Manwa is being adopted as an anime, A new action RPG for PC and mobile. I only read a partial of the manhwa and its very popular but what do you think?

RE4 Remake​

Recently the Resident Evil 4 Remake was released, did anyone here played RE Games? Do you plan to play RE4 remake?

The game seems to be on a good start, Note I'm not mentioning reviews will get back to that later. But so far the RE4 Remake sold over 3 million copies just on the first day. According to IGN its one of the best remake launch titles of the franchise. Not all are though coz if you watch the Netflix RE abomination.

Ok now lets get to the reviews, According to gamerant despite a near-universal praise from gamers and critics it's currently being review-bombed atleast at the time of this writing.

Primary review complaints are because some but a small minority are complaining about performance issues coming from ps4 users. Changes from the original as Capcom restructured some parts of the game, in short cutting some content.

This could be good news or bad coz one of the cut content, specifically the “Separate Ways campaign” could be released as a DL. Some data miners have also allegedly found evidence of Separate Ways DLC. I hope its free

The Last of US PC​

We have recently talked about the Last of US HBO show and even the possible Season 2 changes. But now let's talk about the first last of us game because its finally available on PC. Anyone playing?

But after a long wait its mainly negative reviews, What do you think is happening since everyone knows the gameplay and the story?

So apparently the main culprit is the performance issues and game crashes. It's so bad some point out every 20 minutes the game crash. Some reported 14 crashed in 4.8 hours of playtime, talk about immersion, seems like it's not optimized. You will see some memes online as some shaders didn't load properly

Some good news though, as Naughty Dog is aware of the problems. They said on a tweet they are heard our concerns and actively investigating the multiple issues reported and that team is prioritizing updates to address the issue on coming updates. Was it rushed? Not properly tested? They could have delayed and it wouldn't make a difference.

Honkai Star Rail​

Before we talk about mihoyo’s new game, has anyone played any games of Mihoyo? Honkai Impact or Tears of Themis.

What about Genshin Impact? Action role-playing game and Cross-platform. Genshin impact is so popular that if you go to cosplay events majority are cosplaying at least one character from this game. Cutscenes are the benchmark for 3D animations.

The new free-to-play mihoyo game Honkai Star Rail will launch on April 26. Honkai Star Rail will be available for iOS, Android, PC then followed by PlayStation on a later date. Its a brand new game set as a space fantasy RPG. Graphics-wise and in character design its looks like another Genshin Impact game. However, gameplay combat is now turn-based and of course mihiyo fashion Honkai Star Rail will incorporate gotcha system.

What is a gatcha system? This model is so successful mihoyo genshin impact from launch to September 2020 has surpassed 3 billion. 1 Billion in the first 171 days (not including 3rd party stores), then after 195 days another 1 billion, Then the milestone of 3 billion in USD. Not sure if they can recapture this magic

CS2 Mobile​

Another topic we discussed thoroughly last time is Counter-Strike 2, which is currently on a limited test and of course, data miners are hard at work because they found out some interesting information.

One dataminer found a tripwire fire grenade and a Bear trap, speculated to be used on the Danger Zone the CSGO battle royale mode. There are some minor things like pipe mentioned with the Vac live which we mentioned last time, a new anti-cheat system.

Those are minor info but something big could be happening, one of the info released is actually about CS2 Mobile. So what are the information? According to Gabe Follower and Aquarius from twitter. On the gameinfo.gi file there was a mention on the other platforms code “mobile”. CS2 Mobile Confirmed?

There's more any one here familiar with the console commands? Well because on the Counter Strike 2 Console commands there are flags of the following "mobile_fps_increase_during _charding" Ture or false; "Mobile_fps_limit" 30fps.

This are speculation for all we know Valve might just be trolling, but what do you think of the idea of CS2 Mobile?


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