CSGO breaks the all-time highest player count record: tops Steam list

Guild of Guardians
Counter Strike: Global Offensive reached a new game high of 1,320,219 on Saturday, February 11, 2023, surpassing its previous concurrent player record of 1,305,714 individuals. Even though it wasn't a significant improvement over the previous record, it's important to note that CS:GO has been trending upward, especially in the last several years.


In March 2020, CS:GO surpassed 1 million active gamers at once. Since then, the game has experienced monthly peaks of over 1 million concurrent players over 19 of the previous 36 months, which is an impressive performance. Furthermore, it is plausible to assume that the game's upward trend will continue given that each of the previous 7 months saw a high of over 1 million.

After the release of contemporary FPS games, many had written CSGO off, yet Valve's labor of love is still in the running. After losing a tiny portion of its player base in 2022, CSGO regained the 1 million player threshold and has since been expanding.


The introduction of Valorant sparked CSGO's initial downturn, which was greatly influenced by the online period of play in 2020. Because of this, the game had the biggest reduction in player numbers in years. The count fell for six straight months in 2021, peaking at 763,523 players in July of that year.

Although the CS:GO Esports IEM Katowice semi-finals have been ongoing and likely contributed to the increase in traffic, there is no disputing that more than ten years after its debut, Counter Strike Global Offensive is more popular than ever.