CSGO skin sold for 61k USD PC 

A rare csgo skin "AWP Dragon Lore" was purchased by a rich fan for a whooping $61,052.63 usd or more than 3 million pesos! This souvenir skin was signed by Skadoodle a day before his team Cloud9 won the ELeague Major: Boston. The skin was sold by OPSKINS.

According to a polygon article the skin was purchased by a player nicknamed "Drone", with the initial agreement of $35,000 which is still around 1.8 million pesos, and was agreed upon by both sides for its final value of 61k usd.

Drone also said "We agreed on that price since that was the only price I was willing to accept," Drone said. "Otherwise I would have kept it."

This is by far the most expensive CS:GO transactions on public record, let me know on the comments below how far would you spend for digital goods


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Oct 3, 2020
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Oh, that is like a good Mercedes directly from the car shop. Wtf why it is so expensive :D I am selling also skins on peer-to-peer CS:GO marketplace , but I never had such expensive transactions. The most expensive skin I sold was like 500 USD and I thought that it was a good transaction. If to compare what I sold and what this guy bought for 60k+ that is just bizarre. Why spend so much money on a virtual item that you can not touch or feel. For this price, you can buy a lot of expensive weapons and keep it in real life for collection. Am I so dumb or this life is crazy? People what is going on ??? :D