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    Collection ng tips para sa mga naglalaro ng CSGO
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    How to aim better

    1.Have a equipment that your comfortable on using.
    Hindi naman gaming set maganda yung feel ng mouse and key board sa kamay mo plus the mouse it depends how to player feels using it kung hindi siya comfortable sa ginagamitan niyang equipment you'll get less frags

    2. Cross hair positioning
    Dapat yung crosshair is always on head level or next which pagkatap mo or spray direct hit sa ulo

    3.Do not tilt
    If you're getting mad or tilting maging less ang aim proficiency sa game so avoid tilting.
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    How to rank up at CS:GO?

    Tip 1 : Keep calm, Let the game play you
    Tip 2 : Financial Saving is EXTREMELY important
    Tip 3 : Check every angle or sides as possible
    Tip 4 : Watch yourself on overview, so you can see where you gone wrong, or what will you do in the future with the same situation [​IMG]=)
    Tip 5 : Don't attempt solo queue at early start on CS:GO. ALWAYS FIND A GOOD TEAMMATE. (Or invite friends in game)
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