CSGO tournament with local goverment equals corruption


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Jun 15, 2018
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What happens when a CSGO tournament is run by a local government? that's easy corruption!

Ok here is the scoop a local gaming community called WASD who partnered with the local government in Tarlac (Base from my source the owner is friends with the mayor) and it's their second tournament, to be honest, it's meh

The group barely does marketing and the audience what audience? lol anyways according to my source in order for this tournament to happen there are several red tapes happening.

Basically, not all sponsor budget is allotted with sponsors getting special treatment like under the table projects with so-called commisions for the Mayor and staff to pocket.

For example, this gaming company who sells computer parts is a sponsor of the tournament they will provide the "bonus" an under the table agreement incentive cash, the Tarlac mayor will then take the money for extra gov incentives like providing future pc to a Tarlac offices while the Mayor is in power which of course with additional corruption tax.

Then the cycle continues they will have another tournament with more schemes like catering fees, accommodation, and travel with the Mayor and the management of WASD all get a cut. This is all according to my source it's up to you if you will believe this but I highly doubt my source is a lie since you idiots involve a corrupt goverment agency.

In short, don't involve government with esports such a shame to WASD being part of this you are destroying the csgo esports scene in the Philippines.

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