Cult FPS 'XIII' Will Be Launching Its Remake On November 2020 PC 

After a one year delay, PlayMagic Ltd officially announces that our amnesiac assassin will be back in November 2020 with an all-new remake of XIII; one of infamous FPS from 2003 base from a Belgian comic book of the same title.

Perhaps some of you know XIII as the side-scrolling shooting game akin to Metal Slug. But originally, it was released before in big consoles like Game Cube and Xbox as a solid FPS. The game puts you in the shoes of an amnesiac man who found himself in a beach with only the tattoo 'XIII' on his collarbone that serves as the lone clue he has. The entire 13 chapters of the game will deliver you into the web of conspiracies mired with bloody gunfight as you will discover your identity and your connection to the recent assassination of the US president.

XIII become famous for its cel-shaded graphics that make you explore an environment like it was cur straight from a comics. It also some action bubbles that really complement the comic aesthetic of the game. The good news is that the remake version kept the unique visuals while also enhancing it more. Even its soundtracks and original voice actors have all remastered to make it fit for next-generation consoles.

The trailers of XIII Remake gave us a glimpse of the wide array of weapons that you can have access to. These include the trusty Uzi, RPG, Sniper to Rifle. Since the game also employs stealth gameplay, you can also use crossbows, knife, and even your fist to dispatch your enemies silently.

There is also a lockpicking mini-game that you will encounter along the way as you go from exotic places and highly-guarded facilities like Valleys and the FBI headquarters which creates the atmosphere of an action film that anyone who loves a good gunfight can appreciate.

XIII Remake will be available in PC, Xbox One and PS4 on November 10 this year. You can also purchase a limited edition of the said game with bonuses like in-game weapon skin and art cards. In the meantime, the original XIII is available for download at Steam.