Custom Mass Effect PS4 and Xbox One Consoles


Sep 21, 2014
The new custom PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles has been revealed by BioWare, Such Beauty that is inspired by the space faring mass effect RPG series. The release day is today Nov 7 the developer is giving these away as part of the N7. A custom console for your gaming lifestyle is the best way to play your game.

For a chance to win one, you'll need to follow the Mass Effect (@masseffect) and BioWare (@bioware) Twitter channels. Full contest rules will presumably we announced later. There's also no word yet on how many of these consoles were made, but we're guessing it's not many.

These PS4 and Xbox One consoles were made by ColorWare, the custom console company that also created the Fallout 4 Xbox One console that Microsoft is giving away.

source via gamespot