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Aug 7, 2018
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We are pleased to announce that starting from this week, Cyber Hunter is launching the Content creator program. The aim of this program is to build a platform for people from various gaming communities to come together and share their awesome contents like game play videos, strategic videos, guides, fan art..Etc with other players and also give a chance to those players who are in budding stage to become famous .

We are looking for talented, creative members of our community who will create positive content for Cyber Hunter.
The following are the perks of content creator program:

1) A different colored role and tag in our official discord server.
2) A private channel in discord server to talk to the teams.
3) Most viewed/valuable videos will be showcased in all of our official social media channels.
4) Invitation to stream on our official Facebook page and Youtube channel.
5) Promoting your channel in our official social media thereby making you a well known figure among gamers.
6) We will provide gift codes to you for conducting events like Shoot the streamer..etc.
7) We will provide you exclusive Cyber Hunter gaming merchandise for your dedication towards our game depending upon the content you make for Cyber Hunter.
8) We will provide you graphical banners for your stream.
9) Exclusive in game rewards to showcase in your videos.
10) You will regularly receive generous monetary rewards from us purely based on your performance and contributions. More details about our reward system will be shared with you once your commitment is confirmed.

Did we spark interest in you? Then please apply the below form and if you are chosen then we will contact you by email.
Form link :


1) Who are content creators?
Ans: Content creators are active players of Cyber Hunter community who are passionate and love making content on Cyber Hunter.

2) What is the work of content creator?
Ans : The work is pretty simple. You have to make content in which you are expertise in like live streaming or drawing or making funny videos..etc. We are accepting the following categories of content creator:
  • Video creators : These group of members will make videos on various strategy, funny moments, tips & tricks videos..etc.
  • Fan art creators : These group of members will make fan art like scenery, emojis, wallpapers..etc based on Cyber Hunter.
3) How many content creators will be recruited?
Ans: There is no set number for how many content creator will be recruited but roughly around 10.
Application Period : Ongoing

Requirements :
1) All the content creator who are applying must be above 16 yrs Old.
2) Content creators who have at least 1k subscribers and 500 views per videos are eligible to apply.
3) Be active within the community.
4) Must post content at least twice per week.
"Players who meets the eligibility criteria doesn't mean that you will be selected and will definitely be contacted by the staffs. Players who make good influential content on Cyber Hunter will be contacted for further correspondence."

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