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Jul 7, 2019
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Cyber Hunter is still evolving and improving. We really appreciate your feedback and are grateful for your patience.

In order to improve your gaming experience and create a better combat environment, we will begin carrying out non-downtime maintenance and improvements in accordance with your feedback on the morning (GMT+8) of December 25, 2019.

After investigating the causes of the recent crashing and audio issues, we have made several improvements to the game, and have updated it on all app stores. We highly recommended updating the game to the latest version for greatly improved stability and a better gameplay experience.

The maintenance update details are as follows:

[New Hero - Layla Makes Her Debut]
Future journalist legend Layla, reporting for duty! She'll be joining everyone on the battlefield in the new season!
She's got an extraordinary level of self-confidence, and an unshakable sense of justice. With her confidence, extraordinary courage and a little bit of luck, Layla always gets out of dangerous situations unscathed.
Wanderers can unlock Layla by simply participating in the new sign-in event. Complete the 8-day sign-in to get a free Layla-exclusive outfit: Wind Chaser!

[New Gameplay Mode]
Faction Showdown is a 4v4 conflict between the best of the best. All-new mode, map, and exciting gameplay are waiting to be experienced.

[New Firearm: Alpha SMG]
Brand-new firearm - Alpha SMG joins the battle as an exclusive weapon for Faction Showdown! After equipping an SMG Core, the Alpha SMG can auto-reload, making it suitable for continuous close-quarters combat.
The stats of the Alpha SMG will be displayed on the Leaderboard and in the Gallery.

[Ultra-Titanium Battlefield - All-New Season Begins]
The All-New Season - Ultra-Titanium Battlefield will officially start at 12:00 (server time) on December 27, 2019. Unleash the Blue Lightning! Rich Level Rewards and new Shining Treasures are waiting for you! Discover various surprises like Speedster Paint: Blue Lightning, Winter-themed Set, Skateboard Paint: Turbo, Back Decoration: Bazooka - Plasma, other distinct weapon paints, and more!

1. New interface! The new Season Pass comes with a new interface theme. Try out a neon-filled cyber-style interface!

2. Rich Season Pass Rewards!
  • Complete the quests listed in the Season Pass to get new Mercenary series season outfits, Shade of Night Commemoration series weapon paints, avatars and other exclusive rewards. New awesome outfits - Winter Raven and Winter Owl are also waiting to be earned!
  • After reaching Season Pass Level 100, Wanderers can get credits of the same value as the Season Pass! Cool new items and other extra value offers all await in this brand new Season Pass!
  • There are also various item cards in the Season Level Rewards, including Season Quest Boosters, which can help you complete season challenges with ease. Discount Vouchers and Trial Vouchers are also included!
3. Pick the rewards you desire in the Season Exchange!
In this season, all kinds of skins and items are available for Wanderers to exchange. Wanderers can get Season Medals by raising their season level or completing season quests. Season Medals can be exchanged for items. This includes: season-exclusive outfits, weapon paints, droid paints, and accessories!

4. New Shining Treasure!
The updated Shining Treasure makes its debut, with more extra-valuable rewards! Wanderers can get rare items by opening Shining Treasure with Season Medals on the [Shining Treasure] page. Furthermore, there are extra-rare items up for grabs, like Speedster Paints: [Blue Lightning] and [Violet Graffiti], Skateboard Paint: Turbo, premium Weapon Paint: [Bazooka - Plasma], and more! In addition, 10x draws are guaranteed to drop purple or higher quality items that are exclusive to the new season!

5. New Tier benefits!
Wanderers can get a Desolate Winter series outfit, accessories and commemorative avatar frame by completing the specified Tier Quests during the new season!

[New Tier System]
New Season Tier events are available. Complete them to get Stars and the Interstellar Lieutenant paint as rewards.

[Path of Growth]
Path of Growth has been updated for the new season. Now there are many more types of rewards. Level up to get them!

[First Top-up Update]
Get great rewards at an affordable price. Exclusive accessories, weapon skins and outfits are waiting for you!

[New Supplies]
  1. Lucky Spin - Armed Girl set will be added on December 27. No one wields the spear as well as I do. Watch me backflip onto the stage.
  2. Master Supply - Career Hero will be added on January 1. A well-fitting light-colored tailored suit. It represents professional sophistication and spirit.

[New Items in Mall]
  1. Theme Gallery - Artistic Mask will be added on January 3. Colorful theater masks. A small piece of Chinese culture.
  2. Weapon Gallery - Mr. Rabbit will be added on January 13. Mr. Rabbit's pocket watch. The countdown starts once you wake up.

[New Lights]
How time flies. We're at the end of another year, waiting for a new beginning. Let's hang some lanterns and tie some colorful ribbons to liven up the atmosphere for the new year.

The event will begin on January 1. Complete the specified quests to get permanent weapon paints, Ultra-Titanium Alloy and C-Coins!

[New-year Sign-in Reward]
2020, here we come! A new year is about to begin. We have prepared new-year gifts for every Wanderer. Thank you for your love and support during the past year.
The event will begin on January 1. Log in on the specified days to receive rewards. May good luck be with all Wanderers in the new year.

[Feature Improvements]
  1. Adjusted all the in-battle character animations. Now they're more punchy and fluid.
  2. Adjusted the sound effects of all firearms. Now they're more realistic and powerful.
  3. Adjusted the recoil of all firearms, improving them without affecting Wanderers' shooting experience.
  4. Improved the process of fetching new content in Moments. Fixed the issue with voice signatures.
  5. Improved Training. Now Wanderers can switch their Quantum Skills in Training.
  6. 6. Added [Gift Box] to the Inventory. You can open all gift boxes there.
  7. Improved the Tier-related on-screen prompts on the Statistics page.
  8. Players can no longer chat in the Recruitment Channel. It's now for recruiting only.
  9. Optimized the display of Recent Matches. Personal ranking and Performance Score added.
  10. Improved the interface animation, music and sound effects during Tier promotion.
  11. Optimized the display on the left side of the Daily Quests screen. In Shining Treasure, items you've already obtained will be marked with an [Owned] tag.

[Bug Fixes]
  1. Fixed the issue that occurred when players were spectating a friend in another match, and choosing other players to spectate would result in an error message.
  2. Fixed the issue where sound effects were missing in the Weekend Login Reward event.
  3. Fixed the issue where players couldn't claim the bonuses from Season Daily Quests during the Season Final Dash Period of [Champion Brawler]. Compensation has been issued to players.

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