CyberMedia and TAITRA thrilled to announce CyberMods 24hrs International Teams PC 


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Sep 1, 2016
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CyberMedia, together with TAITRA, proudly introduces the participants in the year’s most intense modding competition taking place at COMPUTEX 2017 for CyberMods 24hrs. There are plenty of great and talented modders in the world that have left their marks in the industry of modding and CyberMedia aims to highlight the ever-evolving artform of PC modding with the inagural CyberMods 24hrs competition. Competing for a total prize pool of $20,000, these modders will be pitted against each other to craft a special build themed around Sci-Fi, video games or movies all in a total of 24 hours.

CyberMods 24hrs will see some of the finest modders in the world come together in a single event for the most thrilling demonstration of skill, creativity and experience to become the first ever reigning, defending, undisputed CyberMods 24hrs champion.

CyberMedia is proud to announce the participants in the CyberMods 24hrs:

Team Australia

Alex Ciobanu

Alex started case modding in 2014 and has quickly become one of the top case modders in Australia with over 20 custom showcase builds completed to date.

Ethan Cooper

Ethan started modding when he was 20 years old, he have completed multiple PC builds and have also branched out into modding consoles. He first built was a Batman PC.

Team UK

Robert Deluce

Robert began case-modding back in 2001 from scratch-built mods to customized PC cases. He did various things such as fitting watercooling components onto PC case.

Alexander Banks

Alex started at 2011 when he built his first watercooled PC. He went on to become a professional 2 years later where he utilizes CAD and modern production methods.

Team China

(Xin Kai) ??
Xin Kai started his own modding company in 2005. He believes in imagination and strives to create products that fulfill dreams and shatter the misconception of “impossibility”.

(Chen Zhi) ??

Chen has started his modding career at the end of the 2015 and has become fervent about it. He is dedicated in showing his passion for the modding industry.

Team Philippines

Don Jeric Madrid

DJ Madrid, is also known as KrypteK PC Modz, started case modding around 2010 when he was 16-year-old. It started out as a hobby but since 2013 it became his career.

Michael John Lanaza Lacerna

Mickee has been modding for almost 5 years now, what started as a hobby has now become a full time career; showcasing his talent for some of the biggest names in the PC industry.

Team Thailand

Peerakij Rungthongkhamkul

Peerakij began his modding career as a mechanic, supporting INDY Laser and Modder Crow his own modding shop. He start participating in Case Mod contest last year.

Chaipoj Khaowasut

Chaipoj owns a laser shop called “Indy Laser” creating billboard and logo graphic. From 2013 his modding journey begins. He will never stop evolving his skill because of his passion for it.

Team USA

Jim Weist

Jim began self-learning modding through Youtube and was fascinated by it, slowly it became more than a hobby, more like a way of life, eventually becoming a business.

Calen Saddler

After suffering traumatic brain hermmorhage, Calen came across a picture of a modded PC which was built inside a piano. For Calen, modding isn't a hobby; its a lifestyle.

CyberMods 24hrs Modder Partners
CyberMods 24hrs hopes to unite the modders from around the world, this event aims to not only bring the world known modders from around the world to join in for an intense competition but also to connect those who love and are passionate about modding.

CyberMedia along with TAITRA are encouranging modders who are not competing in this event to engage with their friends who are interested in the modding industry but have yet to have the chance to experience it, an opportunity for them to see what modding is like. With top tier modders around the world joining together, sharing news and discussions about this event allows them to connect and expand their modding communities by inspiring people who are interested in modding.

CyberMods 24hrs would like to extend their sincerest gratitude to the sponsors that have made this event possible. These brands have been key in making CyberMods 24hrs and their products will be in-use as well as on display during the event.

CyberMedia and Taitra would like to thank ZADAK511 for customized and high-end modding PC. AOC for their AGON gaming monitors. Colorful for their motherboards and VGA. Sharkoon for Gaming Keyboard, Mouse, Headset and Chair. And last but not the least Thermaltake for their case, power supplies and coolers.