Cybershare Internet Cafe- September 05 2015 - (Manila)

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    Title: Cybershare Internet Cafe LoL Tournament
    Game: League of Legends (LOL)

    We’re thrilled to see the fast growing number of League of Legends tournaments self-organized by third party hosts such as cafes, school clubs, companies, organizations or even individuals. We thought about creating this Prized Event program to further empower and assist third party organizers in making their tournaments more fun and rewarding for participants and organizers alike. Organizers may apply for support and sponsorship from Garena as part of our Prized Event program.

    Match Type: Internet Cafe
    Event Date: September 05 2015

    Prize Details
    Registration Fee:
    Pre-Registration and Walk-in Registration. For more inquiries: Click Here
    Registration is 250 php per team. No PC Rental Required ( 3:00PM )

    Address: #22 Quezon St. Tondo, Manila

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